Clues to the ports of call can be found in a series of riddles.

By Christopher Tkaczyk
October 26, 2016
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Adventurous vacationers who love a good surprise, get ready. You can now book passage on the cruise of your dreams.

The Telegraph has reported that “passengers on a new 16-night luxury cruise will be sailing into the unknown, with no knowledge of their destinations, stop-over ports and connecting flights.”

The Secret Sailaway mystery cruise is being organized by the Bolsover Cruise Club, which is only sharing information via a series of 10 riddles.

Courtesy of Bolsover Cruise Club

The trip is priced at $15,000 per person and will depart on March 18, 2017. The company says the itinerary will include “five-star stop-overs in some of the world’s best hotels.” Travelers will receive details when they arrive at their departure harbor, which has not yet been revealed.

Courtesy of Bolsover Cruise Club

“Traveling is not as adventurous as it once was,” Michael Wilson, the managing director of Bolsover Cruise Club, told The Telegraph. “You can find out everything about where you’re going before you’re within a thousand miles. This is our attempt to bring back some of the adventure, albeit with all the comforts of a luxury cruise.”

Courtesy of Bolsover Cruise Club

Based on a few of the clues in the riddles, the editors at Travel + Leisure are guessing that the itinerary will include multiple islands in the South Pacific and Oceania, with stopovers in Tahiti, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Can you help us identify the actual ports of call? Tweet your best guesses to @TravelLeisure with the hashtag #SecretSailaway.