By Cailey Rizzo
March 09, 2017
Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean announced plans to build the largest cruise ship in the world on Wednesday.

The cruise line’s next ship, Symphony of the Seas, is expected to be the largest in the world when it premieres next year.

In a phone call with journalists, Royal Caribbean International president and CEO Michael Bayley said that the new ship was the “latest, greatest, newest, most beautiful baby that’s coming soon,” according to Skift. On their website, Royal Caribbean also referred to the ship as a “mic drop.”

Symphony of the Seas will have a capacity of 5,494 passengers when it debuts in April 2018. The ship is already under construction at a shipyard in France. Upon completion, it will weigh a record-breaking 230,000 tons. Bayley said that the ship was “slightly longer” and “a tad wider” than Royal Caribbean’s current Oasis ships.

The ship is teased to have a whole new variety of features that have not yet been premiered aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise. Although it’s yet unclear what these new features are, the cruise line has confirmed that a multi-deck water slide area and a Bionic Bar (where the drinks are made by robots) will have a place on Symphony of the Seas. The ship is slated to sail for the Caribbean and Europe once put into operation.

Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

The record for world’s largest cruise ship currently belongs to Royal Caribbean for its Harmony of the Seas ship, which premiered in 2016. That ship is capable of accommodating 5,400 passengers and weighs 226,963 gross tons. It has 28 less rooms than the Symphony of the Seas.