Five crew members are still missing after the 24-passenger vessel suffers a horrible accident.
Aqua Amazon Sinking
Richard Mark Dobson
| Credit: Richard Mark Dobson

During a routine restocking on July 16, the Aqua Amazon—a 24-passenger luxury vessel that takes passengers on wildlife-watching sailings along Peru's Amazon River—exploded and sank.

Seventeen crew members were on board at the time, and tragically five are still missing. Several others are being treated at a local hospital for their injuries. No passengers were on board at the time, and cruisers who were set to depart with the Aqua on Saturday have either been assigned to the lines' other vessel, the larger Aria Amazon, or on another river cruiser.

“The main concern at this time remains the missing crew members and their families,” a representative of Aqua Expeditions, which was founded in 2007 and also sails along the Mekong River, told Travel + Leisure.

The Aqua Amazon had recently been renovated and upgraded in 2015.