You Can Charter Your Own Private River Cruise With AmaWaterways

Buy out the ship for a safe, personalized river cruise for your group.

AmaWaterways ship
Photo: AmaWaterways

Cruise fans missing their time sailing the rivers and seas of the world can arrange the ultimate exclusive travel experience aboard an AmaWaterways ship. Each of AmaWaterways' 25 ships is available for a charter river cruise where guests buy out the entire vessel for a seven-night customized experience. Starting at $365,000, ships ranging from the 28-passenger Zambezi Queen to the award-winning 190-guest AmaMagna may be chartered for a fully customized cruise.

"While an AmaWaterways river cruise is always filled with extraordinary experiences — curated with exquisite cuisine and immersive shore excursions — a full ship charter provides the opportunity to personalize absolutely every aspect of the journey, including the ports of call and excursions," AmaWaterways executive vice president and co-founder, Kristin Karst, told Travel + Leisure.

Personalized itineraries, entertainment, menus, and the ability to create their own "travel bubble" have attracted several groups to book future trips, indicating the trend towards more intimate and customized travel. "Following a year where most gatherings took place virtually or had to be postponed, we're receiving more inquiries for milestone birthday and anniversary celebrations and incentive or corporate events for 2021 and 2022. We plan to bring out our 2023 schedule very soon to be able to accommodate the full ship charter requests," Karst said.

"Travel has always been a wonderful way to deepen our relationships with others, and a private river cruise is a unique way to create cherished memories with friends, family, or like-minded travelers," Karst continued. Chartering an elegantly appointed AmaWaterways river cruise ship to sail along the countryside of France, the castles on the Rhine, or the captivating lands of Africa provides the type of enriching and intimate experience travelers will want as they begin to explore the world once again.

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