Norwegian Cruises to Cuba
Credit: Courtesy Norwegian Cruise Line

Traveling to Cuba is rapidly becoming more affordable, whether by air or by sea.

This week Norwegian Cruise Line opened sales for its new cruises to Cuba, which will stop in Havana before two days before continuing on to the Bahamas.

The Norwegian Sky—the largest vessel sailing to Cuba, according to the cruise line—will depart Miami beginning May 1, 2017, with additional cruise dates May 8, 15, 22, and 29. The four-day cruise starts at $699 per person.

Norwegian and Royal Caribbean both received approval to cruise to Cuba earlier this month.

In Havana, Norwegian will offer guests opportunities to “experience the island's rich cultural traditions” through people-to-people exchanges. Leisure tourism is still banned, so all U.S. citizens visiting Cuba must quality under one of 12 approved reasons.