Cruising the glaciers of Chile and Argentina is summer and fall’s best way to enjoy the scenery—and two new small luxury ships are taking reservations now. Adventurers should book a spot on the Atmosphere, a 150-foot, 14-cabin yacht run by Nomads of the Seas (56-2/414-4600;; 7-day itinerary from $10,115, double). Watch whales from the yacht’s deck (or from its six-person helicopter), then disembark to go fly-fishing or to hike through miles of pristine Chilean rain forest.

For those more inclined to sit back and take in the view, outfitters Cruceros Mar Patag (54-11/5031-0756;; Spirit of the Glaciers package from $420 per night, double) will inaugurate a new 48-passenger ship in August for its Spirit of the Glaciers program. Tour Lake Argentino, in Los Glaciares National Park; you’ll relax on the vast deck while you wait for the ultimate photo opportunity: the dramatic cleaving of Perito Moreno, one of the biggest glaciers in the park.