This 38-day Cruise Visits Some of the Most Remote Destinations on Earth — Including 'Inaccessible Island'

Maybe it's time to take a month off.

Guests explore Tristan da Cunha via Zodiac.
Photo: Michael S Nolan/Linblad Expeditions

Forget planning a long weekend away. Lindblad Expeditions wants to whisk you away for a 38-day adventure instead.

The cruise line recently announced eight new extended-length excursions around the globe, including a 24-day trip through Argentina and the Falkland Islands, an 18-day "Under the Southern Cross" trip from New Zealand to Melanesia, and a 21-day trip through Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. But the one that particularly caught our eye is the new Atlantic Isles Discovery trip from the Falklands to Madeira.

Tristan da Cunha
Peter Hanneberg/Linblad Expeditions

The cruise, which takes place over 38 days, makes a transatlantic journey from Buenos Aires all the way to the Portuguese island of Madeira, ending with a short flight to Lisbon.

Along the way, guests will travel south from Argentina, sailing toward the South Pole, to the Falkland Islands to spend two days exploring the varied landscapes before moving on to South Georgia for hiking, kayaking, or visits to the famed penguin colonies.

King Penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus), National Geographic Orion, Salisbury Plains, South Georgia, Antarctica
Ralph Lee Hopkins/Linblad Expeditions

The trip then makes its way to Inaccessible Island, where guests can spot the Inaccessible Island rail, the world's smallest flightless bird. The ship will then cross the Tropic of Capricorn and move on to Saint Helena Island, where guests can explore the volcanic landscapes and the former home of Napoleon.

From days 25 to 28, guests will cross the equator as they journey to Cape Verde to seek out its 16-century royal fortress.

Sunrise, King Penguins, Elephant Seals, Gold Harbor, South Georgia
Ralph Lee Hopkins/Linblad Expeditions

From there, it's on to Spain's Canary Islands for some time in the sun, and finally, to Madeira, Portugal, to check out its historic, winding streets.

The entire trip takes place aboard the National Geographic Explorer, an expedition ship that can get through even the roughest seas, but mixes in enough cushy amenities to make it a luxury experience. That includes 81 rooms, each with windows or portholes to allow guests to watch the world go by. There are also plenty of public spaces to converse with other guests, including the dining room, bistro, library, and observation deck. And for those looking to relax, the ship has a fitness center, spa, and treatment rooms ready to soothe aching muscles after a long day of sightseeing.

Bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus and Atlantic spotted…
Michael S Nolan/Linblad Expeditions

Beyond the usual, the ship also boasts some extra special amenities fit only for an expedition vessel, including an undersea specialist, a National Geographic photographer, and even a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor and video chronicler to capture every moment.

The trip departs March 7, 2023, and rates begin at $28,010. Learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime adventure and book your room here.

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