Disney Cruise Line Is About to Bring More Magic to the Sea With 3 Massive New Ships (Video)

Disney Cruise Lines will make some heavy-hitting additions to its fleet within the coming years.

By 2023, three additional new cruise ships will join the Disney fleet. And when they join, they will be the largest in the family, each weighing approximately 140,000 gross tons and with a capacity of about 1,250 guest staterooms.

In an announcement about the new ships, Disney said, “The new vessels will offer more innovation, new technologies, spectacular entertainment and more Disney stories and characters than ever before.”

Disney's New Cruise Ship and Marvel Characters
Matt Stroshane/Courtesy of Disney

In renderings of the future ships, Disney said they aimed to “embody the elegance and romance of the golden age of ocean cruising with unique touches all their own.” One ship will set sail in 2021, another in 2022 and the final in 2023. At the moment, none of the ships have names.

In fact, not much is known about the ships besides their color scheme. From the first renderings, it looks like Disney’s new ships will maintain their distinctive Mickey Mouse coloring, with black, white, red and signature yellow life boats. The bow of the ship will be adorned with golden designs.

The ships will join the fleet at the cruise line’s home port in Port Canaveral, Florida, according to USA Today.

The Disney Cruise Line fleet is still relatively small. There are only four ships, the oldest of which (Disney Magic) is currently 21 years old. The newest ship is Disney Fantasy, which set sail in 2012.

Beginning in 2020, Disney Cruises will start to depart from New Orleans and will return cruises to Hawaii.

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