Travelers Can Now Explore Costa Rica on a Superyacht for the First Time in History

Superyachts can explore the Osa Peninsula or the North Pacific Coast.

Every year, Costa Rica welcomes millions of tourists to experience its natural beauty. With volcanoes, hot springs, rain forests, and beaches ideal for surfing, there's plenty to explore, but those wanting to travel the country on the high seas were limited in their options. At least until recently.

Now, for the first time in history, the country will open its shores to international superyacht charters.

Aerial ofa IYC superyacht with guest riding jetskis
Jim Raycroft/Courtesy of IYC

With the good news now official, international yacht firm IYC is gearing up to bring travelers on luxury trips to the tropical country. According to a press release from IYC, there are currently two areas suitable for charters — the Osa Peninsula and the North Pacific Coast — each offering something unique for visitors.

With its pristine rain forests and warm waters, IYC describes the Osa Peninsula as "the ultimate charter destination for adrenaline junkies and perfect for those who love wildlife and nature."

Meanwhile, the North Pacific Coast "provides unmatched landscape views, an abundance of marine life, and some of the best and most easily accessible diving places and conditions found in the country."

Exterior of a IYC superyacht
Jim Raycroft/Courtesy of IYC

Those uninterested in diving can try heli-rafting, hiking, horseback riding, zip lining, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and more. There are also plenty of caves, cliffs, and sea shores, many of which are teeming with colorful marine life.

On any given day, IYC yacht passengers may spot frogfish, harlequin shrimp, and seahorses, as well as whitetip and reef sharks. If they're lucky, they might even catch a glimpse of a rare giant Pacific manta ray.

Beyond Costa Rica's natural beauty, IYC is working with local companies and tour operators to create itineraries that showcase the country's culture and cuisine.

After a full day of exploring, guests will return to their luxuriously appointed and fully staffed superyacht. IYC offers a range of yacht sizes and configurations to fit the needs of each group. Though the company offers guidance in terms of itineraries, each trip is also tailored to travelers' desires and interests.

For more information, visit the IYC website and start planning your Costa Rican adventure.

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