This Epic Cruise Will Take You to Patagonia and Antarctica to Spot the Solar Eclipse This December

This incredible itinerary combines multiple bucket list trips into one, taking travelers on a journey through Patagonia and Antarctica.

The only thing better than crossing one item off your travel bucket list is getting to cross off multiple during a weeks-long journey you'll never forget.

A new itinerary from Silversea Cruises and Classic Journeys offers the opportunity to do just that, while also seeing the December 2021 total solar eclipse from a ship in the middle of nowhere.

photographer in Torres del Paine National Park
Courtesy of Classic Journeys

The sailing, which takes travelers through Patagonia and Antarctica, starts in Chile at Torres del Paine National Park, where passengers will have the chance to explore turquoise lagoons and ice fields, as well as hang out on an authentic Patagonian ranch.

The itinerary then brings travelers to Ushuaia, Argentina, on board the 254-passenger Silver Cloud, an all-suite vessel. Most of the ship's suites include a veranda that's perfect for whale watching, spotting sunbathing seals, and admiring birds like the Andean condor and southern royal albatross.

Ushuaia is one of the world's southernmost cities and commonly referred to as the "end of the world." It's also the starting point for many Antarctic cruises. From here, passengers will sail the iconic Drake Passage, stopping to witness the total solar eclipse in an area expected to be ideal for viewing the natural phenomenon.

cruise guests viewing penguins in Antarctica
Courtesy of Classic Journeys

This is a region where December falls in the summer, making way for the midnight sun and an even more stunning experience when the eclipse darkens the sky. The December 2021 event is expected to be the last total solar eclipse until 2023 and Antarctica's last total solar eclipse until 2039.

kayakers in Antarctica
Courtesy of Classic Journeys

During the trip, travelers will also cruise through the South Shetland Islands, kayak among icebergs, and hike Antarctic trails. An optional add-on to the 18-day, 17-night itinerary would take passengers to Easter Island, where they'll be greeted by iconic Moai statues.

Prices start at $24,995 per traveler based on double occupancy, not including Easter Island. For more information, visit

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