The tour operator will reach more destinations in the bucket-list destination.
Credit: Courtesy Celebrity Cruises

What adventure-lover doesn’t dream of taking a trip to the nature-rich Galápagos to spot seals and blue-footed boobies? Well, in 2017, there will be a fresh reason to sail these protected waters. Celebrity Cruises just announced plans to acquire tour operator Ocean Adventures and its two ships, the 16-passenger M/C Athala II and the 48-passenger M/V Eclipse, thereby expanding the brand’s footprint in the Galápagos.

Celebrity already has a vessel that sails the region—the 100-passenger Celebrity Xpedition—but these new ships will be able to visit more destinations, including Darwin Bay, Black Turtle Cove, Chinese Hat Islet, and Wall of Tears. Celebrity will also be offering new packages with land stays as add-ons, and the ships will enter dry dock in January 2017 to be refurbished.