By Evie Carrick
April 10, 2019
Family Feud on Carnival Cruise
Credit: Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Line

If you’ve always dreamed of dominating Family Feud with your own family, you’ll now have the chance to test your skills aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras ship. The vessel, which makes its debut in 2020, will offer a live, onboard battle of “Family Feud Live” during its inaugural cruise.

Family Feud on Carnival Cruise
Credit: Courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line

The cruise’s live game show will mimic the long-running TV show in format and set, paring two five-person teams against each other to battle for prizes by guessing the most popular answer to survey questions. In lieu of Steve Harvey, the TV show’s host, the cruise director of the Mardi Gras ship will host the event.

Carnival says the ship will offer several variations of the game show to appeal to both family-friendly and adult-oriented audiences.

To create the onboard entertainment, Carnival is partnering with Fremantle, the company that produces Family Feud. "Our show has been wildly successful for more than 40 years, but it’s never been showcased at sea, so this is an unbelievably exciting opportunity for us," said Rick Glankler, president of commercial operations for Fremantle. "Carnival’s audience is perfectly aligned with our show, and we cannot wait to give Mardi Gras’ guests the chance to play Family Feud Live."

In addition to “Family Feud Live,” the Mardi Gras ship will have the cruise ship world’s first roller coaster and an onboard restaurant by Emeril Lagasse, the notorious New Orleans chef.