Why You Should Book Your Next Cruise on a Thursday

Cruise Booking Thursday
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According to a new study, there may be a best day of the week to book a cruise.

On average, prices for cruises drop the most on Thursdays, according to CruiseWatch.com. The data also revealed Wednesdays to have the greatest price hikes during the week.

The worst day to book if you’re hoping for a price drop, according to the data, is on Sundays. However, on the flipside, the weekends are also least likely to see price hikes: Those who prefer to play it safe can be assured of a steady price on weekend booking, while others might see big savings (or a hefty increase) in the middle of the week.

“Cruise lines invest massive amounts of resources into revenue optimization,” Britta Bernhard, co-founder of CruiseWatch.com, said in a statement. “We are levelling the playing field and offering consumers up-to-date technology to make the right decisions.”

In general, it’s best to book a cruise as far in advance as possible. Most cruises made booking available up to two years before the departure date, but it’s wisest to wait until six-to-12 months away from departure. However, cruises to places with limited seasons, like Alaska, fill up very quickly and booking is best done at least a year in advance.

Bear in mind that peak time for cruises is January through March, so rates will be higher in those months.

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