The answer is more complicated than you may think.
Harmony Of the Seas
Credit: Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

When it comes to creating gigantic cruise ships, Royal Caribbean takes the cake. They boast the top six of the world’s largest, and are continuing to break their own records year after year. In 2016, the company debuted the Harmony of the Seas. At 1,188 feet long, 215.5 feet wide, and 226,963 gross registered tons, it barley edged out the company’s Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas—both of which measure 1,187 feet by 215 feet—for the title of largest at sea.

Such laurels come with a caveat, however. While the ship itself might come in bigger than Allure and Oasis, the latter two actually have larger passenger capacities. If you choose to sail on Harmony, you’ll have about 60 less guests to navigate around. That differences are actually so small that it’s pretty difficult to determine which is bigger while standing on board. Instead, guests tend to look to the innovations and activities each ship offers to determine which best fits their vacation needs.

Harmony, in particular, has a few standout amenities that distinguish it from the company’s other popular ships. The most popular, the Ultimate Abyss, is a 10-story dry slide that has passengers plunging down two twisty, LED-lit tubes from Deck 16 to Deck 6. Add that to the ship’s two 43-foot climbing walls and twin FlowRiders, and the daredevils in your family will have plenty of fun to keep them occupied during sea days.

The entertainment on Harmony also rivals that of other popular ships. Guests can enjoy a 90-minute adaptation of Grease in the 1,380-passenger theater or opt for the ship’s original ice show, which features stunts and stunning multimedia effects in Studio B.

All in all, if you’re looking to sail on one of the biggest cruise ships in the world, chances are you’ll find yourself aboard a Royal Caribbean ship, as plans to debut another large ship in 2018 are already well underway.