This River Cruise Through France Will Drop You Off at a Different Michelin-starred Restaurant Every Day (Video)

If you’ve been avoiding cruises for fear of buffet-style fare, this six-day sailing might change your opinion on maritime dining.

Departing from Saint-Jean-de-Losne and continuing toward Lyon, the Belmond Napoleon's Epicurean Burgundy journey will stop at a different Michelin-starred restaurant every night.

Belmond cruise through France
Courtesy of Belmond

It's calling itself a “12-star cruise,” as passengers will have dined at delectable restaurants with a total of 12 Michelin stars by the end of the gastronomic river cruise.

Belmond Cruise Michelin Star Dining experiences
Courtesy of Belmond

The very first stop is lunch at the two-Michelin-starred La Côte Saint-Jacques, which sits on the banks of the River Yonne. The decadent cruise will kick off with a meal that includes dishes like rosette of lobster with fresh palm nut salad as well as egg parfait with white alba truffles and puy green lentils. After lunch, guests board the ship for a cocktail reception and, if they can handle it, dinner.

Other dazzling restaurants include George Blanc, which has held three Michelin stars since 1981. The final dinner will take place at the famous Paul Bocuse Restaurant in Lyon, where guests can taste the famed chef’s legendary black truffle soup.

Belmond Afloat in France - Fine Dining Cruise
Courtesy of Belmond

Non-epicurean highlights include a visit to a chateau, which has been producing Burgundy wine since the medieval ages, and a private tour of Beaune’s Hotel-Dieu, which has been housing Burgundy history since the 1400s. The tour will take guests through picturesque vineyards, historic abbeys, and ornate basilicas. Plus, there will be a memorable meal every day.

The cruise departs on Aug. 9, and prices start at about $8,067 (or €7,333 per person), with all meals included.

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