I Found the Most Comfortable Pillows During a Hotel Stay — and Immediately Bought Them for My Bed at Home

The down pillows are the best I've ever slept on, and you can find them at Amazon.

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 Continental Bedding Soft White Goose Down Pillow

Even though it feels like I’m constantly traveling, my bedroom is my sanctuary, so I’m always looking to trendy Airbnbs and hotels for inspiration on how to improve upon it or add touches of luxury. Is there a cloud-like comforter I don’t know about? What about a cool lamp? While I can make tweaks to my decor to suit my personal style, since that can change over time, one thing in a bedroom should be steadfast: comfortable pillows. 

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t find a quality pillow, and strangely enough, it was my job to review pillows! I’d wander the aisles of Bed, Bath, & Beyond, plopping my face onto the tester pillows, trying to see which would work best for me. I never seemed to find a perfect match and ended up with flat, unsupportive lumps I’d cast off my bed every night for my dog to curl up on. But, a New York trip, where I slept on the most incredible hotel pillows, changed my sleep game.

 Continental Bedding Soft White Goose Down Pillow


To buy: amazon.com, $114 with on-site coupon (originally $120)

Okay, stay with me — while the room was small and near the elevator, so I could hear the ding each time the elevator stopped at a floor, as well as the mechanical engine opening and closing the doors, I didn’t hear it at night. I was sleeping better than I had in a long time.

The next morning, I knew it all had to do with the pillow. I looked under the pillowcase but the brand wasn’t one I recognized. I knew I couldn’t check out of the hotel without figuring out where to buy these pillows for myself. I asked the concierge who, after some sleuthing, helped me get the name of the exact models and told me where I might be able to buy some for myself. Now the Continental Bedding Goose Down Pillows are the only ones I’ll ever sleep on again.

Continental Bedding Soft White Goose Down Pillow

Travel + Leisure / Daniel Modlin

Here’s what makes them special: they are designed for all sleepers, which is perfect because I contain multitudes. This means the filling is not too rigid and not too soft, and the height elevates my head but never too much. Because they’re stuffed with real down, they’re breathable, and I appreciate this being a hot sleeper. They’re also moldable, which is even better since I change positions upwards of five times a night. This is all to say: They’re cooling, relaxing, and comfortable.

The down was my one major concern though. Not only do some down pillows advertise a certain fill and never meet it, they often don’t last very long either. But neither is true for this pillow. Mine has lasted three years and the down fill is just as advertised. And I’m not the only one who stands by the long life of these pillows; one shopper who called it the “best pillow I have purchased” wrote, “Two years later [and] I still love this pillow. I have purchased a total of six and they still hold their shape.”

 Continental Bedding Soft White Goose Down Pillow

To buy: amazon.com, $224 for standard set of 2

Fellow travelers also swear by this pillow — and won’t leave home without it. “My neck is very sensitive, and this seems to be the only pillow I can use without feeling discomfort in the morning,” a reviewer shared. “I even travel with this pillow.” Another customer with osteoporosis reported that since using it, “I have awakened every morning pain-free. No shoulder aches, no torqued neck, no migraines.” They added, “It's an expensive pillow, but living without pain is priceless.”

My favorite pillows are sold as a single or set of two and come in multiple colors and sizes, including standard, queen, and king. I know there may eventually be a day where I need to replace my pillows again, but it’s been three years and there is still no end in sight. The good news is, when that time inevitably does come, I can rest easy. I know where to buy them again. 

At the time of publishing, the price started at $114. 

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