One of the World's Best-selling Airplanes Just Got a New Look — With Wildly Fun Colors Inspired by Destinations Around the World

And you thought a new limited-edition suitcase was exciting.

Cirrus Aircraft new limited colors in lava, santorini and balos (orange red, teal green and deep blue)

Courtesy of Cirrus

Calling all general aviation enthusiasts. If you're in the market for a new plane — or, let's be real, one to fawn over — you need to see Cirrus Aircraft's new take on the iconic SR Series.

To celebrate the 9,000th delivery of an SR Series aircraft, the aviation company has launched four limited-edition colorways for the planes, each celebrating a different destination. 

"The SR Series continues to move people, businesses, and imaginations as we reach another significant delivery milestone,” said Zean Nielsen, Cirrus Aircraft CEO, in a statement released to Travel + Leisure. "Our talented Xi Design Studio collected inspiration through the lens of our customers and the worldwide travel and freedom personal aviation offers."

The four new colorways, which Cirrus developed with paint company Sherwin-Williams, are Balos, a pastel teal; Lava, a fiery orange-red; Magma, a cool gray; and Santorini, a bright royal blue. The planes also feature the number nine subtly incorporated into different graphic elements, celebrating the 9,000th delivery.

Cirrus Aircraft new limited color magma, a steel grey with orange accents

Courtesy of Cirrus

The limited-edition aircraft will also be outfitted with a Bose A30 Aviation Headset and a Garmin International D2 Aviation watch, which will have a custom band that matches the plane's livery. And for more practical considerations, Cirrus has also designed new all-weather floor liners that will help pilots keep their planes clean, no matter their destination.

For those who are new to the AvGeek scene, general aviation refers to civilian, non-commercial flight, which is often undertaken in light aircraft for flightseeing, training, or just flying for fun. In the case of the Cirrus SR Series, the light aircraft are luxe single-engine planes known for one very important offering: they come with a parachute safety feature.

While you might not have the budget to go out and buy a new limited-edition aircraft tomorrow, aviators already searching the market should probably add these high-design aircraft to their shortlists.

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