United and Chase Are Giving Away 1 Million Miles in an Epic Sweepstakes

Happy National Lose the Jet Lag Day!

Tuesday marks the very first National Lose the Jet Lag Day — a holiday we can absolutely get behind.

But we’re not the only ones honoring this momentous day, the United Family of Cards from Chase is celebrating too, by giving away 1 million United MileagePlus Miles to one lucky winner. All you need to do to enter is pledge to fight jet lag like a pro in 2023.

“....[T]he turn of the new year is the perfect time to commit to getting the most out of travel,” Laurinda Rainey, the general manager of United Co-Brand Cards at Chase, shared in a statement. “We are excited to launch this Sweepstakes on National Lose the Jet Lag Day to raise awareness of the impact jet lag has on travel.” 

A United Airlines airplane flying over water at sunset

Courtesy of United Airlines

The team isn’t leaving you on your own to figure out how to beat jet lag. United and Chase are teaming up with Timeshifter, a high-tech app designed by world-renowned scientists and led by  Dr. Steven W. Lockley, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and Timeshifter’s chief scientist. Its mission is to help travelers understand jet lag and tackle its underlying cause. 

As a spokesperson for Timeshifter explained in a statement, “jet lag causes significant human and financial costs – from poor concentration and reduced productivity to less enjoyment and weakened immune function. Timeshifter debunks common jet lag myths and replaces them with real science, allowing travelers to control circadian rhythms by taking small actions at specific times to ensure they arrive at their best.”

The app works by allowing users to input their travel plans and provides a detailed outline of when they should see light and when they shouldn’t, reminders to reset their watches, and when and if they should drink any caffeinated beverages, all to help the user rebalance to their new timezone quickly. And if you’re not sure it works, just look to Mike Massimino, a former NASA Astronaut, Timeshifter advisor, and avid user.

“When I was an astronaut, we learned how to shift our circadian rhythms to prepare for rocket launches and spacewalks. Because our circadian clock regulates our sleep, alertness, and almost all other biological systems in our body, it was key to our safety, performance, and health,” Massimino shared. “It’s gratifying to see circadian science finally being applied outside of NASA to equip travelers to tackle jet lag.” 

Beyond the million miles, the winner will also receive a year-long subscription to the Timeshifter jet lag app, so they can make the most of all their upcoming trips. Eight other people will also receive the subscription, along with 500,000 United MileagePlus miles. And an additional 500 people who take the pledge will win a year-long subscription to the Timeshifter jet lag app. Ready to take the pledge and enter to win?

See all the information, including the fine print, at jetsetreset.chase.com

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