By Marguerite A. Suozzi
April 23, 2012

More and more exotic oils are popping up every day, making it easy to sample terroirs from around the world. Here, five that topped our taste test.

The Oil: Pumpkin Seed
Why: Locals have long sworn by this nutritional extra-virgin variety.
The Source: It’s extracted from a green-and-orange pumpkin native to the Styrian region.
Buy: Austria’s Finest, Naturally; 8.5 fl. oz. for $16.99.

The Oil: Avocado
Why: Fresh and fruity (with hints of green olive), it’s ideal for cooking at very high temperatures.
The Source: The ripe pulp is cold-pressed and bottled in Chile, one of the world’s biggest avocado exporters.
Buy: TerraMater; 8.5 fl. oz. for $16.49.

The Oil: Pistachio
Why: Traditional 150-year-old French techniques are used to make the sweet and creamy oil.
The Source: Thanks to its dry climate, California is ground zero for this plump tree nut.
Buy: La Tourangelle; 8.45 fl. oz. for $19.99.

The Oil: Argan
Why: The floral-tasting product isn’t just for beauty miracles; it’s also said to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
The Source: The endangered tree is endemic only to a UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve in Morocco.
Buy: Argand’Or; 3.4 fl. oz. for $27.90.

The Oil: Hazelnut
Why: Created from roasted nuts, it manages to be both intensely buttery and light.
The Source: The family-owned mill in Iguerande, Burgundy—which is open to the public—has made small batches since 1878.
Buy: J. Leblanc; 8 fl. oz. for $25.95.