By Staff
Updated: February 02, 2017

Ladies and gentleman, pack your suitcases. Travel is now officially competitive—and that’s a good thing. This week marks the launch of Traxo Travel Score, a new feature from mileage and travel points tracker (and all-around travel organizer) that uses a specialized algorithm to calculate all of your trip information and generate a unique number to crow about.

What does this mean, really? Well, for one, the scene in Up in the Air where George Clooney and Vera Farmiga’s characters one-up each other with who has the most air miles, best hotel benefits, and fattest wallet stuffed with upgrade cards would have been a lot shorter. With TTS, a single number says it all.

But here’s where TTS gets interesting: depending on your score, top travel companies will offer you special perks. The higher your score, the more upgrades, freebies, and extras you’ll rack up from companies like Avis, Briggs & Riley, Virgin America, and South African Airways. Hello, two roundtrip tickets to Cape Town?!

To register, go to and check off the travel sites you use to book. (Traxo lists over 100 travel partners, from airlines to hotel chains and aggregators like Orbitz, so chances are you’ll be covered.) Traxo then imports available trip information, analyzes it by also looking at things like miles and days traveled, and even your travel “check ins” on FourSquare and Facebook. Then, it spits out a score between 1 and 100.

Whether one’s Traxo Travel Score becomes an industry standard remains to be seen, but there is something very gratifying about having one tangible number to boast about—and, of course, cashing in. Game on!