By Mark Orwoll
Updated: February 02, 2017

What do you do if you're a hotel chain that wants to grab the interest of potential Gen X and Y guests? It's obvious, isn't it? You entice young women into a hotel room where a pajama-clad CeeLo Green, the singer-songwriter behind the danceable hit, "F*** You," lies in wait, smiling seductively. And that, in fact, was the kick-off P.R. stunt for one seriously odd (and oddly cool) promotional campaign: Discovery Doors, which launches today. It's primarily an online video game on the Reniassance Hotel's website where gamers can win everything from membership in a Coffee-of-the-Month club to a trip for two around the world—500 prizes in all. Here's how it works…

The interactive, film-based online game launches with a video of a dimly lit hotel lobby, a lounge tune looping in the background. A handful of kooky characters are…well, I think the cop phrase is "loitering with intent," but you really don't want to ask what they intend to do.

There's a fake-mustachioed cowboy, a fedora-wearing break dancer, a woman with pink hair contemplating a candle, a bored blonde, and a lounge lizard with an egregious bow tie. A concierge occasionally looks directly at you, the viewer. Imagine the cast of Clue directed by David Lynch. 

Your goal, as a gamer, is to collect "keys" that open virtual doors to win prizes. Once you begin the game, you find yourself in a hotel hallway that looks like something from Disney World's Haunted Mansion, where you are encouraged to enter random guest rooms.

In real life, this would get you arrested by the hotel dick. But in Discovery Doors…well, I don't want to give it away, but the activities you'll encounter involve what seems to be an interrupted 1920s movie shoot, a roomful of showroom mannequins (or are they, bwa-ha-ha!), and the man himself, CeeLo Green, in red silk pjs, lounging on the sofa of a rose-strewn suite, CeeLo-endorsed Ty Ku sake at his elbow and a come-hither look in his eye. Let's just say that the things that go on behind these closed doors should probably stay that way.

You can collect keys in various ways, such as interacting with Renaissance Hotels on social media and inviting friends to participate. But don't expect to unlock the around-the-world trip for two. I already won it in the Beta version. I'm taking CeeLo with me.

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Photo courtesy of Renaissance Hotels.