By Katrina Brown Hunt
Updated: February 02, 2017

Supposedly spiritual images found in a mundane places—the face of the Virgin Mary in a pancake or in the salt runoff below Chicago's Kennedy Expressway—make for great "news of the weird" fodder and, eventually, curious tourists.

But a church in Tampa Bay, Florida, is having the opposite problem: People are suddenly seeing a mundane apparition in a spiritual place. After a photo of the Church of the Sea recently went viral, people have started referring to the Madeira Beach chapel as the Chicken Church, thanks to the steeple's seemingly bird-like face. Built in 1944, the cross that tops the church lights up at night, acting as a lighthouse of sorts for local fisherman needing a guide back to shore. Church officials told reporters the church was never meant to remind people of a chicken.

The church is now attracting flocks (sorry) of tourists who are stopping outside to get their own version of the shot. While some parishioners have told reporters that they don’t appreciate the joke, one member seemed to be taking a more charitable approach telling The Daily Mail: "We had no idea, but I'm glad we can make people smile."

In other words: no harm, no fowl.

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