By Gabrielle Blitz
Updated: February 02, 2017

Our most recent T+L Twitter Chat on photography covered topics ranging from how to shoot like an expert, the best digital editing apps, and photo etiquette.

When it came to the number one tip for making a photo come to life, Nikon USA said, “get off the beaten path and explore the culture and people, not just the pretty landscapes.” Adobe Lightroom advised, “beat the rush, avoid the crowds, and get the best light.” BlurbBooks recommended to “shoot the details. The big things everyone will remember—or just search for on the Internet.”

We asked our experts about photo disaster stories and Nikon USA shared a story about flying 16 hours and forgetting to bring a battery or SD card! That’ll make you remember your photo accessories. T+L Editor, Peter Frank, shared how he lost several years’ worth of trip photos when his computer crashed. If that teaches you anything, it’s “backup, backup, backup” says Frank.

We asked our experts for their take on shooting food in a restaurant and the majority agreed that it’s better to either be done discreetly or avoid in general. Photographer Chris Churchill shared an amusing, but memorable moment of once sitting “next to a lady who was standing on her chair for half the meal taking pictures.”

When our panel was asked to choose one place to shoot a cover story for T&L, the destinations ranged from Maine to Capri to Kenya and New Zealand—all locations that held a promise of adventure and beauty for our experts.

To conclude the chat, we asked our panelists about the one shot that got away. Stories of bears charging, monkeys stealing cameras, and packs of manta rays in Maui were shared—sounds to us like our panel has already been successful in the pursuit of adventure-based destinations.

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Gabrielle Blitz is the Associate Social Media Editor at Travel + Leisure.