By Gabrielle Blitz
August 20, 2013

Are you a novice photographer looking for the right camera or more experienced and hoping to refine your snapshots? Want tips on the best digital editing apps, clouds for storing and sharing your photos, and advice on how to fine-tune your pictures and the right gear to get? Join our live Twitter chat on Photography this Wednesday, August 21st from 2pm to 3pm EDT. Our panel of experts will share tips on photo tools, the best software for your needs, and how to shoot like an expert. Ask them for their insider advice!

Join the conversation on Wednesday, August 21st from 2pm to 3pm EDT.

The Hosts:

Adrien Glover, T+L's Deputy Digital Editor, @xoadrien

Alex Arnold, T+L's Deputy Photo Editor, @AlexnderA

The Panel:

Ali Jardine, iPhone Photographer and Instagram influencer, @alijardine

Melissa Vincent, iPhone Artist and Digital Media Instagram influencer, @misvincent

Eelco Roos, Photographer and Instagram influencer, @eelcoroos

Nikon, Official Nikon Cameras, @NikonUSA

Chris Churchill, Photographer, @photochurchill

Julian Broad, Photographer, @JulianBroad

Geordie Wood, Photographer, @geordiewood

Blurb, Personal print and eBooks, @BlurbBooks

Lightroom, Adobe's photo editing software, @Lightroom

Mark Hirsch, Photojournalist, @markhirschphoto

How does it work?

1. Log in to Twitter before the chat starts at 2pm ET and be sure to follow @TravlandLeisure.

2. Head over to to follow the chat in real time. You can log-in using your Twitter account.

3. Remember to always add the hashtag #TL_Chat to your tweets—however, if you're in the twubs chatroom it will be added automatically (note for character spacing purposes).

4. We'll pulse out some questions for our expert panel to answer, but feel free to post your own responses. Or ask questions of your own!

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Gabrielle Blitz is the Associate Social Media Editor at Travel + Leisure.