Katrina Brown Hunt
June 18, 2013

Last summer, some of the most omnipresent souvenirs found around London featured the faces of Wenlock and Mandeville, the much-maligned, one-eyed mascots from the 2012 Olympics.

This summer, experts are predicting that the image of a more agreeable tyke will draw tourist dollars: the baby expected in July by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and her royal baby daddy, Prince William.

Indeed, such a birth tends to amp up royal-watching fever. Royal-themed attractions such of the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace already generate more than 500 million pounds ($765 million) a year in overseas tourist revenue, according to a recent AP report—and experts predict a 3 percent increase in tourist spending this year.

Official souvenirs—produced by Royal Collection Trust, the memorabilia firm chaired by Prince Charles—won’t be released until there is an actual name and mug to feature on, well, mugs, tea towels, and plates. (The firm made £5 million, or nearly $8 million, on tchotchkes after Kate and Will’s wedding.)

But if you're in London before the rumored July 13 due date, you’re not out of luck: the gift shops at Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace (Nana are both selling baby swag fit for an heir, such as the Grenadier Guard sleepsuits for 0-6 months sell for £22.99 ($36) and the priced-to-sell £12.95 ($20) Guardsman suits, as well as tot-friendly stuffed corgis.

Meanwhile, at department stores and gift shops around the city, you might still chance upon one of Royal Morning Sickness Sick Bags, (about $5), created by artist Lydia Leith as a cheeky nod to poor Kate's bout with severe morning sickness.

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