By Travel + Leisure and Travel + Leisure Staff
Updated: February 02, 2017

Thanks to the growing air travel demand in China, Boeing expects to see 5,580 new commercial aircrafts during the next 20 years, via Circa. (Adrien Glover)

While Jamaica, Oahu, and many cruise lines are banning smoking of all kinds, Mexico City is considering legalizing marijuana to create cannabis clubs, according to the Huffington Post. (A.G.)

A new twist in Edward Snowden's NSA leaks? Evidence that the organization tapped into at least three foreign airlines' reservations systems—leading Skift's Rafat Ali to speculate that their data dive may have touched everything from OTA records to domestic booking data and beyond. (Nikki Ekstein)

Here's seven shots of Luang Prabrang via LandLopers—just in case you need another reason to book that Southeast Asia trip. (Maria Pedone)

Antarctic cruise season starts in November—prepare with this five-piece packing list from National Geographic. (M.P.)

I'm loving this ABC slideshow from last week's Tomatina Festival in Spain, where revelers have a food fight with thousands of tomatoes. (Peter Schlesinger)

Nate Berg from the Atlantic Cities raises the question of creating a new, permanent Olympic-host facility. This comes just a day before the IOC picks the host city for the 2020 games. (P.S.)