Earler this year, Anthony Bourdain confessed that his most memorable meal was in Granada, Spain. Now the traveling chef and TV personality is making more memories in the African Congo, as told to Eatocracy, where dishes include everything from fufu (cornmeal paste) to caterpilars. (Maria Pedone)

Sure, National Donut Day might be the perfect excuse to try a SoHo cronut (croissant + donut), but did you know the Salvation Army started the holiday 75 years ago to raise funds during the Great Depression? Neither did we. (M.P.)

Tourism in Myanmar is estimated to increase by a full 700% in the next seven years—but thanks to a $500 million loan from the government of Norway, concerned citizens can rest assured that the resulting footprint will be a light one. The Asian Development Bank outlines their plans (and we raise a glass to the generous Norweigans who made it happen). (Nikki Ekstein)

Sick of paying airline fees? United suggests you pay them all at once—for a whole year. New subscription plans ($349 a year for a free checked bag on each flight and $499 for all the Economy Plus seats your heart desires) were just announced this week. Our take? If you're racking up that many flights, you ought to be getting these perks through your loyalty program instead. From USA Today. (N.E.)

It took me a while to realize that the picture shown in this Curbed article was actually an architectural rendering. The urban real estate website takes a look at plans to build an ultra-edgy hotel into the oceanfront cliffs of Lima, Peru. (Peter Schlesinger)

Oenophiles will want to check out Wine Spectator's report on Argentina and Chile's 2013 vintage. A cooler growing season had both pros and cons to the wines of South America. Read more in Nathan Wesley's sneek peak at the continent's latest wines. (P.S.)