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Skyscanner Launches Soccer Flight Finder for 2014 World Cup
Skyscanner already helps travelers compare flight prices for the best deals, but they’ll be focusing on the sports-crazed in 2014. Just as soccer fans aro... Read More
Global Entry: How to Make the Most of It
If you fly three or four times a year and don’t have Global Entry, you’re crazy. I know that’s a bold statement—and I have no way of actually judging you... Read More
American + US Airways Merger Is Official: Say Hello To The World’s Largest Airline
It’s been almost a year since travel behemoths American Airlines and US Airways first announced their plan to merge into the world’s largest airline. This... Read More
Explore the Rainforest at Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale
  I'm on a business trip in Scottsdale, Arizona and promised my twins I'd stop by the city's new Butterfly Wonderland complex. At 10,000 square feet... Read More
How Far in Advance Should You Book Airline Tickets?
Wondering when you should book your flights for 2014? Finding the lowest fares means hitting the booking window at just the right time. We asked KAYAK to ... Read More
Q+A with Mike McCready, Co-Founder & CEO of Music Xray
McCready thinks of his 18-month-old company as the of the music industry: Instead of potential lovebirds, though, Music Xray connects musicians ... Read More
Q+A Series from PhoCusWright 2013: Cheryl Rosner of
At this year’s PhoCusWright Conference—an annual gathering of the world’s most influential travel innovators—all eyes were on the Innovation Summit and th... Read More
Sunday Night Movies Go Luxe at Le Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris
Eyebrows were raised in October, when Luc Besson’s luxe First movie theater opened in the new Aeroville mall near Charles de Gaulle airport north of Paris... Read More
Check out Delta's New Holiday Video
We're loving Delta's new holiday video, which features flight attendents, pilots, and other crewmembers making music with improvised instruments—peanuts a... Read More
Guess Where? Bicycle
Can you guess what city this is? Leave your guesses on our Facebook page. Check back on Monday for the answer. Lyndsey Matthews is an assistant digital e... Read More
Travel Trends from Day Two of ILTM Summit in Cannes
Day Two of the International Luxury Travel Market was a busy one for the almost 3,000 exhibitors and attendees roaming the Palais des Festivals, in Cannes... Read More
Roomer: A New (Discounted) Market for Hotel Rooms
Think of it as the StubHub for hotel rooms: with new site, travelers are able to offload non-refundable reservations onto anyone looking for a ... Read More
Instagram Mashup Makes Two-Minute Tour of World
Think your trip to Paris or voyage to Sydney was totally unique? Think again. French artist Thomas Jullien took viewers around the world in 852 Instagram... Read More
Are Bitcoins the Travel Currency of the Future?
  We here at T+L have been reading a lot about Bitcoins lately. The virtual currency—unaffiliated with national institutions and easily traded an... Read More
Pérez Art Museum Makes Flashy Opening Today in Miami
In addition to the Art Basel buzz, Miami is getting extra attention today with the opening of the Pérez Art Museum Miami. The three-level, $131 million st... Read More
TSA's Precheck Program Opens to the Public
The Transportation Security Administration (a.k.a. TSA) is opening its first Precheck enrollment center, at the Indianapolis International Airport today. ... Read More
Insider Travel News From Day One of the ILTM Summit
This week, travel industry leaders descend on Cannes, France for the International Luxury Travel Marketplace (ILTM). The networking event is one of the la... Read More
Miami Art Week Kicks Off
Miami Art Week kicks-off another year of buzzworthy fairs this week, drawing the international cognoscenti for the latest round of high-priced purchases a... Read More
Is It Rude to Ask Someone to Quiet a Child on a Plane?
According to a study by Harris Interactive, 37 percent of passengers would rather sit next to a smelly adult than a crying baby. So what to do if you're stu... Read More
The Ritz-Carlton's Plan for World Domination
By now, we’re used to hearing the big news that Trip Advisor has acquired some smaller company—it seems to happen about once a week. But the past couple m... Read More