By Nate Storey
Updated: February 02, 2017

That zany four-pack Phil, Stu, Alan, Doug and their fifth wheel Mr. Chow are back with another mind-blowing bender—this time in Thailand—as The Hangover Part II hits silver screens today across the U.S. While no one may ever match the debauchery of their first go-around in Las Vegas, on a smaller level (I’ve never commandeered a cop car or abducted Mike Tyson’s tiger) I can relate to this buffoonish bunch.

Once on a 14-hour, cross-continental schlep from Salt Lake City to Brisbane, Australia, things got a bit foggy. When I peeled my eyelids open in the morning, I was met by a nausea only achievable when quaffing strong cocktails 3,000-feet above ground. On another trip, I found myself leaning against a pillar at the Acropolis in the sweltering European heat after indulging in copious amounts of Ouzo on the last leg of a connecting flight to Athens the previous night. Not even a Greek deity could have curbed that queasiness.

The plight of the red-eye flier is common. Who can resist settling in for a pre-trip potation? Luckily for travelers everywhere, the choice between in-flight inebriation and next-day functionality may be over.

Now vacationists on long jaunts may finally have a reprieve from crippling hangovers in the form of Mercy, a hangover-prevention brew cooked up by a team featuring legendary alchemist and mixologist Alex Ott (above). After over 200 different variations, Ott claims to have unlocked the secret to preventing the post-drinking sickness that has plagued man since the birth of beer. Masking nutrients like alpha-ketoglutaric acid and milk thistle seed extract are Ott’s touches of lemon, lemon grass, jasmine, and ginger. Mercy can be mixed into cocktails or simply swigged on its own. Even if you refrain from drinking alcohol while airborne, the vitamin-rich blend can act as preventive measure against jet lag by replenishing your body with a surge of key supplements—amino acids, anti-oxidants, Vitamins C and B—to keep you fresh and energized upon reaching your destination.

On a recent night out in Manhattan I put Mercy to the test. After a lion’s share of mixed drinks I slugged one of the small, skinny cans before bed. When I awoke, I was tired and slightly groggy, but the debilitating headache and customary nausea from a night on the town were absent. It wasn’t an end-all-be-all cure for the post-party blues. But a dose of Mercy will keep you on your feet the next time you decide to imbibe before you arrive.

What’s your go-to hangover cure?

Nate Storey is a research assistant at Travel + Leisure.

Photos courtesy of Reka Nyari