Ann Shields
Updated January 24, 2017


Hey, beautiful people, does the world owe you a free ride based on your good looks? Hooray, there’s a new website for you.

Or maybe you’re tired of being a lonely rich guy. Maybe you feel like the beautiful people of the world owe YOU a favor. Good news, you can use that same website., a travel dating social network, will facilitate matches between its two types of members: the “attractive” members and the “generous” members. (Are you squirming yet?) How this differs from a high-flying escort service, except for the admonition “Escorts Are Not Allowed,” is unclear.

The site offers lots of resources for the pretty lady travelers—safety tips about meeting and traveling with complete strangers (Bring along enough money to get home on your own in case of emergency! Let a trusted friend know where you’re going and with whom! We don’t do background checks so be careful!). The blog addresses tough questions about whether or not to tell your parents and friends that “you’re a Traveling Girl” and what kind of reactions to expect when you do. (One commenter’s dad was angry when she told him that she’d be traveling with someone his age, but it felt good to be honest. “The only part I didn’t mention was the sex part…That’s private!” Smiley face.)

So, Very Particular Type of Adventurers, pack your travel negligee and/or fat wallet, and see where will take you. Or, you know, get a job and earn some money to take a trip on your own terms. 

Ann Shields is a senior digital editor at Travel + Leisure.


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