Katrina Brown Hunt
September 24, 2013

China may already have an Angry Birds amusement park, but the nation is about to seriously up its theme park street cred.

According to a recent Guardian article, action film star Jackie Chan has announced that he will open his own theme park in Beijing, to be called JC World.

No doubt, we love the idea of rides inspired by Chan’s action films—who wouldn’t want to go on a rollercoaster called Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow? How about an It’s-a-Small-World-style dark ride called The Forbidden Kingdom, followed by turkey legs and adult beverages at the Drunken Master concession area?

Well, hold on. Turns out that Chan wants to create JC World—to be located on a square mile in the city’s Yizhuang district—primarily as a permanent home for seven of his historic sandalwood houses, some said to be up to 400 years old. (Chan has been criticized in recent months for letting some of the houses be moved to Singapore). According to the Guardian story, Chan also has a large collection of jewelry and furniture, which may be displayed in part of the park. Admission to the park will be free, according to sources, though some features may carry an admission fee.

Very nice. But we’re still hoping that they'll find room for a  tilt-a-whirl called The Fearless Hyena.

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