By Nikki Goldstein
Updated: February 02, 2017

It used to be that great caviar came only from Russia and Iran—but other parts of the world are catching up. Eat these sustainably farmed varieties in situ, or purchase some for a perfect holiday gift.

Type: Black River Sturgeon
Uruguayan osetra
Tasting Notes:
Nutty and silky, with a long, rich finish and a glossy sheen.
Enjoy It Locally:
Punta del Este’s La Bourgogne (Avda. del Mar and Pedragosa Sierra; 598-42/482-007) pairs osetra with blinis, brioche toasts, and lemony crème fraîche.
Buy:; 50 grams for $110.

United States
Type: California Caviar Company
Bourbon-infused trout
Tasting Notes:
Smoky and bold, with a subtle sweetness.
Enjoy It Locally:
At Bubble Lounge (714 Montgomery St.; 415/434-4204), in San Francisco, in-the-know patrons order this unconventional roe over mini Yukon gold baked potatoes with chives.
Buy:; 57 grams for $30.

Type: Calvisius
White sturgeon
Tasting Notes:
Decadent and oaky, suggesting a well-aged Chardonnay.
Enjoy It Locally:
The single-table Officina Cucina (119 Via San Zeno; 39-333/302-0033), in Brescia, in northern Italy, gilds seasonally inspired risottos with a heaping spoonful of caviar.
Buy:; 50 grams for $100.

Type: Karat Caviar
Russian osetra
Tasting Notes:
Intensely robust; briny with light grassy notes.
Enjoy It Locally:
At Jerusalem’s Arcadia (10 Agrippas St.; 972-2/624-9138), Middle Eastern tapas such as herbed yogurt turn ritzy when served with a dollop of these Galilee pearls.
Buy:; 50 grams for $144.

Type: Northern Divine
White sturgeon
Tasting Notes:
A crisp pop and creamy mouthfeel, with even grains.
Enjoy It Locally:
Vancouver’s Hawksworth Restaurant (801 W. Georgia St.; 604/673-7000) features halibut crusted in this caviar and finished with champagne foam.
Buy:; 50 grams for $147.