Tania Cavallo
October 17, 2014

Artsy, the art collecting and education resource, travels to one of the world's most important art hubs for London’s Frieze Week. The team sets out for seven days of fairs, auctions, and exhibitions and shares their must sees of the week’s events.

“‘Playful’ is a buzzword at this year’s Frieze London, and Salon 94’s booth embodied this spirit” reports editorial director, Marina Cashdan. Painted a bright yellow, the booth focuses on artists’ unique take on the iconic yellow smile face applying their individual touch, among many include Richard Prince, Marilyn Minter, and Jayson Musson.  

The fun doesn’t stop as you make your way over to Gagosian’s Carsten Höller booth—an interactive work—comprised of a toy octopus, a life-size scrabble board, a giant mushroom, and a massive die filled with crawlspaces. Editorial associate, Molly Gottschalk says, “This booth is a friendly reminder of what art fairs really are—the art world's giant playground.”

Branching out of Regent’s Park, art fair manager, Katie Higgins, is energized by the environment of history, passion, and fine art at 1:54, the Contemporary African Art Fair. Showcasing programs from around the world, contemporary African artists and galleries present vivid gestural paintings, textile-inspired large-scale works by Meschac Gaba, and brilliant photography by Maimouna Guerresi, creating a magical setting amidst the neo-classical architecture of the Somerset house.

We then travel back in time to Paris circa 1968 at Frieze Masters where Helly Naumad re-creates a fictitious collector’s apartment. “Among stacks of gallery receipts, auction catalogues, ashtrays, and dirty dishes, works by Joan Miró, Jean Dubuffet, Lucio Fontana, Alberto Burri (I could go on) line the walls,” says Gottschalk. “Little did I suspect I’d find an escape.”

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Tania Cavallo is a member of the Artsy Team

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