The Best Times to Visit The Bahamas for Fewer Crowds, Lower Prices, and More

These are the best times to go to The Bahamas for every type of traveler.

Scenic view of an idyllic beach at Nassau, Bahamas, on Paradise Island.

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Is there really a bad time to jet off to paradise? As long as we’re talking about The Bahamas, the answer is a definite no. While some seasons are busier or more desirable than others, any month of the year is worth visiting this go-barefoot, let-your-hair-down group of islands in the Atlantic. 

The Bahamas’ clear waters, bright colors, and fun-loving spirit beckon visitors from all over the world. Here are some of the best times to go:

  • High Season: Mid-December to mid-April
  • Shoulder Seasons: Late November and May to August
  • Low Season: August to November

Influencer and Bahamas local Maradona Tinker (@bahamamara) puts it this way: “It’s always a good time to visit The Islands of The Bahamas. With 365 days of sun, a boat day is a must, especially to get to those sand banks that can only be reached by boat. Just pack a raincoat for the occasional shower in November and January.”

Keep reading for the best times to visit The Bahamas for the lightest crowds, lowest prices, and the best weather for swimming, diving, and fishing.

Best Times to Visit The Bahamas for Smaller Crowds

Crowds are heaviest during the high season but begin to disperse as temperatures rise in late April, although Carnival typically draws visitors for the four-day festival in late April or early May.

Come May, the weather warms up, making it a great time of year to enjoy being out on the water without having to jockey for position. The summer months (June, July, August, and September) are hot, driving away the hordes of tourists and keeping the crowds light. 

It might seem contradictory since most families travel during summer break, but if you want to visit The Bahamas when the crowds are thinnest, go in the summer.

Two beach chairs under an umbrella on a beach in the Bahamas

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Best Times to Visit The Bahamas for Good Weather

One of the biggest draws of The Bahamas is that the islands are blessed with good weather year round thanks to warm trade winds and mild temperatures. Winter lows linger around 70 degrees Fahrenheit while summer temperatures range from 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit — hot, but not unbearable due to an ever-present sea breeze.

Of course, all that lush tropical vegetation is due in part to the fact that it’s always rainy season in The Bahamas. However, rain showers tend to be light and quick, so they shouldn’t dampen your plans. You’ll encounter the heaviest rains in May and June during the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season, which stretches from June 1 to November 30. 

During these months, there’s always the potential of a hurricane popping up, and The Bahamas has been hard-hit in past years. Still, you’ll get at least a few days’ notice if there’s an imminent threat. You don’t need to avoid the area during hurricane season; just be aware that there’s always the possibility of a storm forming at this time of year. Many hotels even have hurricane cancellation policies so you can have peace of mind when you book.

Best Times to Visit The Bahamas for Lower Prices

Like most places, The Bahamas sees the lowest prices during its slower season, which lasts from about August to November. During this late-summer stretch, the weather is hot and rainy, hurricane season is in full swing, and families are focused on their back-to-school routines. 

Thanks to the slight dip in demand during these wet, muggy months, fall is your best chance at scoring good deals on flights, hotels, and tours.

Best Times to Visit The Bahamas for Swimming and Diving

The water is warm all year round in The Bahamas, so it’s never a bad time to jump in. 

For divers, water visibility remains clear (with an average of 200 feet of visibility) most of the time. However, in springtime, conditions can get windy, which can cause poor visibility and colder dives. While there’s no bad month to dive in The Bahamas, don’t go in February or March if you want the islands’ best.

A catamaran and several sailboats are docked in the marina at Old Bahama bay resort in West End, Bahamas

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Best Times to Visit The Bahamas for Fishing

You can go fishing all year round in The Bahamas, but dedicated fishers may want to plan their trip around a certain catch. 

For example, if you want to reel in blackfin tuna, the prime months are June and July, whereas your chances are low between October and February. To hook a sailfish or a dolphin, April is your best bet, and wahoo peak from November to March.

Check this Bahamas fishing chart to find the best months for your catch of choice.

Worst Times to Visit The Bahamas

As with the best times to visit The Bahamas, the worst times to go depend on your goals. 

For example, if you aim to travel on a budget, the worst time to go is during the high season from mid-December to mid-April. However, for many visitors, this is the best time to go thanks to the more mild, less humid weather

And, of course, for many people, hurricane season is the worst time to visit because there’s always a chance your plans will be shot by a looming storm.

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