This State Just Ranked No. 1 for Camping in the U.S.

Planning a camping trip this summer? This state also has the third highest number of hiking trails of any state.

Though it feels as though spring has just begun, summer vacation is around the corner. For many, that means it's time to start plotting out the perfect camping trip. And, according to Adventures on the Rock, a website dedicated to helping travelers find adventure vehicles, this year, it's all about camping in Wyoming. 

The company recently shared its rankings for the best states to go camping in the U.S., analyzing 10 factors to score each state using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, National Park Service, the CDC, AAA Gas prices, the National Climatic Data Center, and more. Those factors included the number of national parks and landmarks relative to the state area, a state's available hiking trails, campsites relative to the state population, and the diversity of plants and animals. The company also considered a state's average yearly rainfall and current fuel costs. 

Red tent at Backcountry camp near Middle Fork Lake. Bridger Wilderness. Wind River Range, Wyoming

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"This data provides a fascinating insight into which states offer nature lovers the most well-rounded camping experiences," said a spokesperson for the company in a statement provided to Travel + Leisure. "One of the key reasons people plan camping trips is for the adventure component. Exploring the great outdoors, observing different wildlife, and hiking trails are all part of the allure." 

A green RV can parked in front of mountains in New Mexico as a train passes by

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As for why Wyoming rose to the top, scoring 72.12 out of 100, the company shared that it won thanks to having the highest number of RV parks out of every state, and the highest number of paid or free campsites — relative to the state's population. The team also noted that Wyoming has the third highest number of hiking trails of any state.

As for where else campers should look, the company ranked Montana in the No. 2 spot as it had the highest number of hiking trails of any state and is home to the second-highest number of free and paid campsites. 

New Mexico placed third, because the state is home to 4,583 species of plants and animals.

Rounding out the top five is Idaho in the fourth slot, thanks to its high number of hiking trails and low number of rainy days, and Vermont at No. 5. Need more inspiration? Check out T+L's list of the best place to camp in each of the 50 states.

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