The 11 Best Rain Boots for Women of 2023

Hunter’s Original Back Adjustable Gloss Rain Boots are our top pick.

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Rain boots have had a serious glow-up in the last decade or so, with dozens of brands and designers offering fashion-forward options that complement outfits and leave your feet feeling good, too. Not sure what to look for when it comes to the right rain boots for your lifestyle needs or next trip? We spoke to a handful of podiatrists and fashion experts to get their top tips on how to choose the best waterproof footwear.

For an all-around reliable pair of rain boots to get you through less-than-ideal weather days, Hunter Original Back Adjustable Gloss Rain Boots are our top pick. They feature a classic tall, round-toe silhouette with a modern twist via a glossy finish, and the calf area can be extended for wearers who need a roomier fit. If you want stylish, sturdy pairs of rain boots in different lengths or colors, we found a variety of options to add to your shoe rack.

Best Overall

Hunter Original Back Adjustable Gloss Rain Boots

HUNTER Original Back Adjustable Gloss Rain Boots for Women


Why We Love It
  • This classic pair of rainboots features adjustable sides and a heavy-duty blend of rubber and nylon that ensures a fully waterproof yet breathable wear.

What to Consider
  • The adjustable sides might still be too small for those with wide calves.

In our book, the Hunter Original Back Adjustable Gloss Rain Boots are the best rain boots for women. They feature a timeless rainy-day silhouette with a chic upgrade that’s bolstered by supreme functionality. The glossy finish and neutral colors are versatile enough to wear with just about any existing pieces in your wardrobe while the adjustable calf makes it easy to pair these boots with thick socks come wintertime or cold snaps during the rainy season.

Whether you’re strolling city streets, running across campus, or working hard in the garden, Hunter’s classic boots ensure the weather doesn’t slow you down. The cushioned footbed comes equipped with a multilayered sponge insole that makes these rain boots extremely comfortable to wear for hours on end. Thanks to the durable rubber sole, you can stomp through puddles on the pavement without worrying about tearing the seams or even a drop of water getting into your boot.

Price at time of publish: $165

The Details: Latex, nylon, rubber | 5 to 11 | 2.3 pounds

Best Budget

Planone Mid Calf Rain Boot For Women

Mid Calf Rain Boots For Women


Why We Love It
  • This tough weatherproof design comes in a variety of colors to choose from — and the budget-friendly price point makes it even more appealing.

What to Consider
  • These boots run small and might not be comfortable for those with wide feet.

This mid-calf rain boot by Planone was made for those looking for a budget-friendly alternative that doesn’t skimp on quality or style. Crafted from a synthetic rubber sole, these boots feature a totally waterproof design that doesn’t just keep the rain out but also keeps your feet comfortable and warm throughout the day. The weatherproof design is coupled with a unique sole thread for solid traction. There are ten colors to choose from, including two shades each of red and pink. We also love that the built-in sole cushioning can be removed and thrown in the wash as needed.

Price at time of publish: $60

The Details: Rubber | 6 to 11 | 2.42 pounds

Best for Long Walks

Rocket Dog Women's Rainy Rubber Rain Boot

Rocket Dog Women's Rainy Rubber Rain Boot


Why We Love It
  • The design makes these boots look more like a stylish hiking shoe than a rain boot, and the footbed and lace-up structures provide optimal all-day comfort.

What to Consider
  • The rubber can irritate bare skin; it will be best to wear with long socks.

Looking for a rubber boot that will withstand all those steps you’re going to be putting in while exploring a new city abroad? This pair of lace-up rain boots by Rocket Dog were designed to keep your feet warm and dry and will also ensure they stay comfortable and supported even while putting in tens of thousands of steps. As a bonus, their understated look doesn’t scream “rain boots” — or “tourist.” The boots include an ultra-soft neoprene lining and footbed that were designed to cushion your feet. A rubber sole also helps to soften the hard city sidewalks and streets.

Price at time of publish: $50

The Details: Rubber | 6 to 11 | 1.1 pounds

Best for Warm Weather

Sloggers Rain and Garden Shoe

Sloggers Rain and Garden Shoe


Why We Love It
  • From hummingbirds to cows and basic black, these lightweight slip-ons come in tons of colors and prints that keep your feet comfortable and dry.

What to Consider
  • Because of their minimal coverage, these might not be the best option for extremely rainy days or heavy downpours.

The thing about most rain boots is that although they protect your feet from getting drenched in the rain, the rubber or latex design tends to make your feet feel pretty sweaty. Rainy days are usually synonymous with a dip in temperature, but if you’re heading to the Southern Hemisphere, it might be worth investing in something a little more breathable. The Sloggers Rain and Garden Shoe tick off all the right boxes and then some when it comes to warm-weather rain shoes thanks to the fully waterproof exterior and cuff as well as the removable, quick-drying insole.

Price at time of publish: $35

The Details: Plastic | 6 to 11 | 13.76 ounces

Best for Cold Weather

Bogs Women's Amanda Ii Chelsea Snow Boot

Women's Amanda Ii Chelsea Snow Boot


Why We Love It
  • This 100-percent waterproof boot was designed to keep feet protected from the rain, but the heavy-duty material is also durable enough to withstand snow and cold.

What to Consider
  • These boots run a little tight and might be hard to pull on and off.

Rain boots are made to withstand water and slush — but not all rain boots will be able to endure snow and cold temperatures without cracking. If you expect to spend a significant amount of time in regions that drop below freezing, you’ll want to invest in a pair of snow-specific rain boots. The BOGS Women's Amanda Ii Chelsea Snow Boot offers a hybrid approach that is entirely waterproof but also offers superior treads for walking on icy sidewalks and a rugged rubber that won’t crack or break down in sub-zero temperatures.

Price at time of publish: $100

The Details: Rubber | 6 to 12 | 2.49 pounds

Best Ankle

Hunter Women's Play Short Rain Boot

Women's Original Short Play Boots


Why We Love It
  • This timeless Hunter boot silhouette is a great option for travelers looking for a durable and compact alternative to knee-high rain boots.

What to Consider
  • The heavy-duty rubber material might be too hot for warmer climates.

There’s a reason Hunter boots remain the most popular rain boot brand: they’re durable, timeless, and can pair well with everything from festival wear to city dressing. The Hunter Play Short Rain Boot is similar in quality and style to the original tall boot but offers a more trimmed silhouette that is much easier to throw in a carry-on bag. The ankle boot is also going to be a great option for those with wider calves who might not find a full-length Hunter boot comfortable.

Price at time of publish: $110

The Details: Rubber | 5 to 11 | 1.44 pounds

Best Tall

Sperry Women's Walker Atlantic Rain Boot

Women's Walker Atlantic Rain Boot


Why We Love It
  • Thanks to the adjustable buckle that expands and contracts at calf height, this tall rain boot is a great option for anyone who wants knee-high protection from precipitation.

What to Consider
  • The small heel might not be the most comfortable for walking around in.

The Sperry Women's Walker Atlantic Rain Boot is an excellent option for anyone looking for a tall knee-high option. The adjustable buckle makes it easy to expand and contract the top of the boot — which is great for those with wider calves or who want to add a knee-high sock for more warmth. We also appreciate that this rain boot is ultra-lightweight and features a small heel and subtle strap details in the back for added style. Choose between classic black and a rich oxblood color. 

Price at time of publish: $80

The Details: Rubber | 5 to 12 | 1.44 pounds

Best Mid-calf

UGG Women's Sienna Boot

Women's Sienna Boot


Why We Love It
  • This pair of stylish mid-calf wellingtons from Ugg were made in the USA and come complete with a soft sheepskin lining.

What to Consider
  • The lining might be too hot for warmer climates or summertime.

We already love Ugg’s supremely cozy sheepskin boots — but their take on classic mid-calf rain boots are just as comfortable and snug. The minimalist silhouette can easily be paired with jeans or more formal wear as needed, while the sheepskin insert and tread offer an extremely comfortable and supportive alternative to basic rain boots. The opening at the top is also slightly roomier than the average mid-calf boot, which makes it great for women with wider legs.

Price at time of publish: $70

The Details: Polyester, sheepskin | 5 to 12 | 1.4 pounds

Best Chelsea

Nautica Women’s Ankle Rain Boot

Women's Ankle Rain Boot


Why We Love It
  • This stylish option is subtle enough to wear in more casual evening settings when you might not want to have to pull on full-sized rain boots or wellingtons.

What to Consider
  • This pair runs a little small, so those with wider feet might want to size up.

The Nautica Women’s Ankle Rain Boot is our favorite option for anyone looking for a more stylish and pared-down rain boot that doesn’t skimp on heavy-duty, water-repellent performance. The soft PVC plastic and elastic materials make it easy to slip these guys on and off while the polyvinyl sole is thick and durable enough to withstand stomping through sidewalks and streets without cracking or wearing down. Although this pair runs slightly narrow in size, the cushioned sole offers extra comfort for city wear — just be sure to size up if you find narrow shoes to be tight.

Price at time of publish: $30

The Details: PVC plastic, elastic, polyvinyl | 6 to 10 | 2.38 pounds

Best for Wide Calves

Bogs Women's Mesa Rain Boot

Women's Mesa Rain Boot


Why We Love It
  • Bogs are known for their superior comfort and quality — and the all-season knee-high rain boot is no exception.

What to Consider
  • This option isn’t as modern or stylish as others on the list.

Let’s be honest here: anyone with wide calves knows the struggle of trying to find a tall rain boot that fits comfortably in the calf area. We’ve tried on dozens of options, and the only brand to really do it for us is Bogs. The Bogs brand isn’t exactly the most stylish or fashion-forward, but you can depend on them for pain-free protection from water. The synthetic fabric upper expands and contrasts to comfortably fit around a wider calf while the 100-percent rubber base ensures your toes will stay warm and dry for the entire day.

Price at time of publish: $115

The Details: Rubber | 6 to 12 | 1.58 pounds

Best Three-season

The Original Muck Boot Company Women's Muckster II Mid Boot

The Original Muck Boot Company Women's Muckster II Mid Boot


Why We Love It
  • They're perfect for gardening or spending time in wet climates.

What to Consider
  • They run large and don't offer half-sizes, so you may want to consider sizing down.

If you're looking for a cute pair of durable gardening boots, or a light pair of rain boots to take on your next adventure, this short pair from Muck Boot may be the perfect choice for you. They're made from waterproof neoprene for comfort and stability and are only calf-height, so they're compact enough to pack. The shaft can also be rolled down to your ankle to allow for more flexibility and breathability, perfect for warm weather.

Price at time of publish: $110

The Details: Neoprene | 5 to 11 | 1.2 pounds

Tips for Buying Rain Boots

Look for features that enhance comfort

First, make sure the rain boots you're considering are made of breathable material. According to Daniel Pledger, podiatrist, and CEO at ePodiatrists, this will allow your feet to stay dry and comfortable even when they're wet.

“I recommend avoiding rubber rain boots, as they can be quite uncomfortable and cause your feet to sweat. Instead, opt for rain boots made of canvas or another breathable fabric,” he adds.

Another important comfort-focused factor to consider is the fit of the boot.

Daniel Pledger, CEO at ePodiatrists

“It's important that your rain boots fit snugly around your calves so that water doesn't seep in and soak your socks. However, you also don't want the boots to be too tight, as this can cause discomfort and even pain. The best way to determine the right fit is to try on the boots with a pair of thick socks. If the boots feel too tight, go up a size.”

— Daniel Pledger, CEO at ePodiatrists

Consider a versatile style to match multiple outfits

You might be tempted to pick up a pair of colorful statement rain boots — but a versatile style might be a better bet for long-term wear. Neutral colors and timeless cuts will ensure your rain boots won’t go out of style and will make it easy to match your existing wardrobe.

Look for boots with great traction

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that the rain boots you choose have a good tread. “Great traction will help you avoid slips and falls on wet or icy surfaces,” explains Pledger. “Look for boots with deep treads that can provide traction in all kinds of weather conditions.”

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What's the difference between waterproof and water-resistant?

    There’s a big difference between waterproof and water-resistant — especially when we’re talking about rain boots. Water-resistant materials were designed to withstand wetness and water and to dry quickly once getting wet. Waterproof materials, on the other hand, were designed to completely repel or provide a barrier to water, and as such, make a much better option for rain boots.

  • Are rain boots good in the snow?

    Although rain boots might seem like they’d be good in the snow, it’s best to purchase a separate pair of waterproof winter boots for cold weather. The rubber or plastic material that most rain boots are made out of won’t keep your feet warm once the temperature drops and can even crack or split in extreme cold.

  • Should my rain boots be insulated?

    Your rain boots don’t technically need to be insulated in order to protect your feet from getting wet in the rain — but if you live (or travel to) destinations that have a cold and rainy season it could be worth opting for something especially designed to insulate your feet. Alternatively, you can size up a regular pair of rainboots and wear a thick pair of socks as needed.

  • How long do rain boots last?

    A good pair of rain boots can last for many years. If you spend the majority of your time in the rain, your boots may not last quite as long as boots worn infrequently, but there are steps you can take to keep your boots looking new. If your boots are made from rubber, you can prevent cracking by applying a high-quality rubber treatment with silicone to lock in moisture. Drying wet boots upside down can help release moisture and prevent odors and you should also remove any inserts when wet so they can completely dry.

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In identifying the essential qualities to look for in rain boots, we also spoke to Daniel Pledger, podiatrist and founder of ePodiatrists.

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