The Best RFID-blocking Wallets for Travel

The Zoppen Passport Holder Travel Wallet is convenient, affordable, and secure.

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Best RFID-blocking Wallets for Travel
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There's been a lot of debate about whether or not travelers should be concerned over Radio-frequency identification (a.k.a. RFID) theft. RFID crime involves sensitive identification and credit or debit card information being unknowingly scanned and stolen from a distance. It's understandable to be worried about being victimized while traveling, especially if you expect to be in large crowds.

Wallets with RFID-blocking technology usually contain a component made from specific types of metal that work to block any unwanted scanning or skimming. RFID-blocking technology may cover a range of frequencies, but 13.56 MHz is the number to keep your eyes peeled for when shopping for an RFID-blocking travel wallet. Credit cards, debit cards, and passive ID badges operate on this frequency.

While the general consensus is that RFID crime is relatively rare, it's not hurting anyone to take the extra step toward being protected against this type of crime. Better safe than sorry — especially when you're away from home. Our pick for best overall RFID-blocking wallet is the Zoppen Passport Holder Travel Wallet (Ver. 5) because of the variety of items it holds, the price, and its detachable wrist strap. However, if this wallet doesn't quite fit your needs or aesthetic, we've got more top picks, from metal minimalist to classic bifold and even kid-friendly options.

  • Here's our picks for the best RFID-blocking wallets for travel.

Best Overall: Zoppen Passport Holder Travel Wallet (Ver. 5)



Why we love it: It's got a slot for everything you might need while traveling.

What to consider: The slim design can feel overstuffed when the wallet is used at full capacity.

If you're looking for a travel wallet that will hold all your travel documents and then some, the Zoppen Passport Holder Travel Wallet (Ver. 5) seemingly has a slot for everything. That's why it's our pick for best overall RFID-blocking travel wallet. Need a pen for filling out landing cards? There's a slot for that. Want to keep your passport (or two) and vaccine cards on hand? Slide them into the large slip pocket.

In addition to somewhat standard features like card slots, an ID slot, and a pocket flap for holding tickets, you'll also get nice additions like a long zippered pocket for cash and coins, slim cell phone pocket, SIM card slot, and even a small ring to loop a key. This simple unisex design comes in 28 colors and has an optional clip-in wristlet loop for when you need to go hands-free. Note that when you take full advantage of this wallet's nooks and crannies, it feels very full.

Dimensions: 5 x 7.7 x 1 inches | Material: PU leather and aluminum | Number of card slots: 10

Best Budget: Travelambo Leather Slim Wallet

Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet


Why we love it: It looks more expensive than it is.

What to consider: There's no space to hold coins.

This slim and affordable travel wallet comes in 25 colors and is ideal for minimalist travelers on a budget. Made from real leather, it looks and feels far beyond its price point. The slim design allows you to store your cash, credit cards, and ID in your front pocket, back pocket, neck wallet, or other small space. A few folded bills fit into the wallet's rear pocket, and the front window ID slot has a push-up cutout for easy ID access. The three dedicated card slots can be stretched to hold two or three extra cards per slot, though you'll sacrifice a bit of slimness. Since this wallet only blocks 13.56 MHz, you can still use hotel room cards or CAC transit cards without taking them out of the wallet. The only thing missing? A space for storing coins.

Dimensions: 3.3 x 4.1 x 0.12 inches | Material: Leather | Number of card slots: 5

Best Splurge: Leatherology Zip Around Travel RFID Wallet

Leatherology RFID Zip Travel Wallet
Leatherology RFID Zip Travel Wallet.

Why we love it: It's sleek and stylish with space for all your travel cards and documents.

What to consider: The aluminum RFID-blocking layer may make noise.

Leatherology's RFID-blocking Zip Around Travel Wallet holds all your wallet basics — credit cards, ID card, cash and coin — and more. A true travel wallet, it also has pockets and slots that can hold your passport, vaccination cards, boarding pass, tickets, and receipts. The convenient fully zipped closure keeps your items from accidentally sliding out. The wallet also fits several cell phones and can be used as a clutch. The RFID-blocking layer is made of densely-woven aluminum and blocks a wide range of frequencies (between 10MHz to 3,000 MHz). Travelers should be aware that the metallic middle layer may be noisy to the touch.

Dimensions: 9 x 4.5 x 1 inches | Material: Leather | Number of card slots: 8

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Most Minimalist: Herschel Charlie RFID Card Case Wallet

Herschel RFID Card Case Wallet
Herschel RFID Card Case Wallet.

Why we love it: It keeps things simple but sorted.

What to consider: It's so minimalist, it may be easily misplaced.

The Hershel Charlie Wallet is about as slim and compact as it gets. This tap-friendly wallet features two card slots on each side and a central pocket that squeezes open to store another card or a few folded bills or coins. (Key tip: Remove the middle pocket's interior tag before attempting to slide any bills in.) Weighing just one ounce and measuring an eighth of an inch thick, this wallet was made for hyper-minimalist folks who travel light. Cards placed in the exterior slots will still have their tap functions without having to be removed from the wallet, though cards placed in the center pocket will not. One big drawback to having a wallet this compact is how easy it may be to misplace when you're on the go.

Dimensions: 3 x 4 x 0.12 inches | Material: Polyester | Number of card slots: 4

Best Bifold: Fossil Men's Derrick RFID-Blocking Leather Bifold Wallet

Men's Wallet


Why we love it: It looks even better with age.

What to consider: This design does not include a coin purse.

Got eyes for an old-school leather wallet? This leather bifold from Fossil combines classic style with modern RFID-blocking technology. You'll get a full-sized bill compartment, flip ID panel, and a wallet that only looks better with age. It's a chunky wallet with eight credit card slots, two ID window slots (one for your driver's license and one for your passport card), two slip pockets, and a billfold big enough to accommodate foreign currency bill sizes. One downside is that this particular design doesn't include a coin purse, which can be a hassle when traveling to countries that rely heavily on coin currency.

Dimensions: 4.5 x 0.75 x 3.5 inches | Material: Leather and twill | Number of card slots: 8

Most Capacity: Perlvin RFID Blocking Vegan Leather Clutch Wallet

Perlvin Alline RFID Blocking Soft Vegan Leather Clutch
Perlvin Alline RFID Blocking Soft Vegan Leather Clutch.

Why we love it: It can double as a clutch.

What to consider: It's a bit bulky to use as a wallet on its own.

Hit two bullseyes with one dart thanks to this wallet's convenient high-capacity design. One of our favorite things about this stylish vegan PU leather wallet is the five different spaces to store cash — four bill slip pockets and one large zippered pocket for notes and/or coins. This makes it especially useful for organizing multiple currencies. It's also got 14 dedicated card slots for everything from credit cards to passport cards to transport cards, six slip pockets, and two window ID card slots. A metal snap closure makes for quick and easy opening and closing during shopping marathons, while the RFID-blocking layer keeps your information safer. Since it's a bit big to use on its own as a wallet, we do wish there was a wristlet to keep it hands-free.

Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.1 x 1.2 inches | Material: Faux leather | Number of card slots: 14

Best Keychain: Gostwo RFID Blocking Keychain Wallet

Women's Small Wallet


Why we love it: The keychain ring is detachable.

What to consider: It doesn't have an ID window.

When traveling, it's not always ideal to carry around a bag or purse. This compact keychain wallet makes it easy to keep everything you need in the palm of your hand or in your pocket. The bifold design features four vertical card slots on each side and a single back pocket for bills. There's also an easy access slip pocket under the front snap enclosure where you can store your ID or frequently used debit or credit card. The detachable keyring gives travelers flexibility to carry the wallet as a keychain or to throw it into a bag without worrying about the chain getting tangled. On the back, you'll find a zippered coin purse. This wallet does lack a window ID slot.

Dimensions: 3.8 x 4.1 x 0.5 inches | Material: Nappa leather and polyester | Number of card slots: 9

Best Money Clip: SERMAN BRANDS Money Clip Wallet

Money Clip Wallet


Why we love it: The money clip is located on the inside of the wallet.

What to consider: The scattered card slots design may not be for everyone.

The Serman Brands Transformer Mini wallet is a good meet-in-the-middle pick for anyone looking for the function and features of a traditional wallet with the added convenience of a money clip. It also stands out with its interior money clip placement, which gives added security against your bills accidentally falling out of the clip or tearing while carrying around the wallet. The RFID-blocking layer blocks 13.56 MHz and even protects cards placed in the two exterior slip pockets. There's also a window ID slot. All together the wallet can hold up to 11 cards. The eight interior slots are scattered to help keep the wallet profile slim, but this design may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.1 x 0.6 inches | Material: Leather and stainless steel | Number of card slots: 11

Best for Kids: Sundee Canvas Wallet for Kids

Sundee Trifold Canvas Wallet for Kids
Sundee Trifold Canvas Wallet for Kids.

Why we love it: There are 17 different cartoon designs to choose from.

What to consider: The wallet has a significant offgasing period.

This cutesy canvas wallet has been especially designed with kids in mind, from the heavy-duty canvas material to the kid-friendly dimensions. The Sundee Trifold Canvas Wallet for Kids features a full-sized cash compartment, two card slots, and an ID window in 17 colorful cartoon designs. The trifold design and velcro closure give us major '80s flashback vibes and help keep items from sliding out during movement and play. There's also a small zippered coin pocket and a swivel hook for attaching to bags. Keep in mind that this wallet has a long period of strong off-gassing.

Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.6 x 0.2 inches | Material: Canvas | Number of card slots: 2

Best Pop-up: Vulkit Minimalist Slim Pop Up Wallet

Minimalist Slim Pop Up Wallet
Minimalist Slim Pop Up Wallet.

Why we love it: The stylish leather pocket softens the metal wallet's industrial vibe.

What to consider: Its minimalist design is only good for holding cards.

This unisex pop-up wallet from Vulkit gives travelers a secure, minimalist wallet without sacrificing style. So many pop-up wallets on the market lack personality or charm, so we love the extra oomph the exterior PU leather pocket gives this gadget. Plus, the wavy slip pocket design adds a touch of personality and deviates from the tired straight, slanted, or diamond-cut slip pocket design. A simple slide of the button on the bottom of the wallet pops out your cards for easy access. The core wallet is made from aluminum RFID-blocking technology. A big downside is that this ultra-slim wallet is only designed for holding cards (and maybe a folded bill or two).

Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.3 x .11 inches | Material: PU leather and aluminum | Number of card slots: 5

Best Metal: The Ridge Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet

The Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet
The Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet.

Why we love it: The metal case is interchangeable so you can switch up the look.

What to consider: There's no pop-up mechanism to access your cards, making it a bit annoying each time you want to select a specific card.

Looking for a military grade metal wallet with a minimalist design? This ultra-slim metal wallet is available in either RFID-blocking aluminum, carbon fiber, or titanium. It can fit up to 12 cards without expanding, so you'll never have a now-it-doesn't-fit moment. The lightweight design is approximately the size of a standard credit card and slips easily into your front pocket, breast pocket, a small purse, or narrow waterproof pocket. There's also an elastic fabric cash strap on one side for holding cash. A removable case and eight different colors means you can mix and match to keep it looking fresh. Note that there's no pop-up function to help easily sort and find the card you want.

Dimensions: 3.1 x 2.1 x 0.3 inches | Material: Carbon fiber and aluminum | Number of card slots: 12

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BEst Around-the-neck: Lewis N Clark RFID Blocking Neck Stash Wallet

Neck Stash


Why we love it: You can toss it in the laundry to get rid of spills and sweat.

What to consider: It's not water-resistant.

The Lewis N. Clark RFID Neck Stash Passport Holder is handy for day tours, amusement parks, or any travel where you won't need to continuously access the contents of the wallet or want to hide the fact you're carrying a wallet. The slim body design is easily concealed under your shirt, and the adjustable strap lets you find the right length for your outfit and height. This wallet has a spot for your passport, cash, and credit cards, though there are no dedicated card slots aside from the ID window. The Travel Dry nylon fabric is not water-resistant (so avoid using it in rainy conditions or at waterparks), but it is machine washable — a big plus for getting out any sweat or stains.

Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.5 inches | Material: Nylon | Number of card slots: n/a

Tips for Buying an RFID-blocking Wallet

Prioritize organization and capacity

Aside from RFID-blocking capabilities, you'll want to choose a wallet that works with your own preference for organization. Buying a wallet that is also equipped with the capacity you'll need is essential. Consider whether you're just looking for a wallet to carry a few cards and your ID slyly in your pocket or if you need something that can hold all your travel documents as well as your cards and cash — or anything between these two options.

Look for wallets made with these materials

The most common materials used in RFID-blocking technology are carbon fiber, alloy nickel, aluminum, and copper. However, aluminum is the easiest to work with and is therefore one of the most common materials used for RFID-blocking wallets.

Consider additional security features

RFID-blocking technology is just one way to keep your personal items safe while traveling. Buying a travel wallet with additional security features can be an added bonus. For example, fully-zippered wallets help secure the items in your wallet from spilling out, and GPS tracking capabilities can help you find your wallet if you've misplaced it or it was stolen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How well do RFID-blocking wallets work?

The jury is still out on how well RFID-blocking wallets work, mostly because reliable testing is not available. Real-world skimming situations are too hard to replicate in lab scenarios. Instead, RFID-blocking technology relies on the ability to block certain radio frequencies, most often the 13.56 MHz frequency that most of our credit and debit cards run on. Statistics suggest that skimming theft is relatively rare and a minimal threat — but, if you're concerned about identity theft, it's better to be safe than sorry.

What should I keep in my RFID-blocking wallet?

If you're buying an RFID-blocking wallet, make sure you're keeping any credit cards, debit cards, passport cards, ID cards, and other RFID or CAC cards inside the protected areas of the wallet.

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