These Destinations Have Some of the Cheapest Fall Flights, According to Expedia

You can visit some of the world's most beautiful cities for way less if you book your fall escape now.

As Labor Day marked the unofficial end of summer (and peak vacation season for many travel destinations around the world), travelers can now take advantage of all the perks of "shoulder season," a.k.a. the travel season with fewer crowds at popular destinations and cheaper airfare and hotel prices.

If you are looking for your perfect fall getaway at the right price, Expedia just announced the places with the best-valued flight prices, as compared to this summer. The flight forecasts are based on airfare from Sept. 5, 2022 to Nov. 15, 2022 compared to travel between May 31, 2022 and Sept. 4, 2022.

For starters, you can book a flight to Seattle for almost half off as prices to the Emerald City have dropped 45 percent from summer to fall. Second on the list of U.S. cities are Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon, with a decrease of 35 percent in average ticket price. And the third spot goes to San Francisco with a 25 percent drop in airfare from summer to fall.

Seattle skyline seen from Kerry Park early in the morning.

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If you are craving some vitamin D, though, you may want to check out San Diego. You can buy a ticket to the Southern California city, a perfect weekend destination, for 20 percent less than it cost this summer. And one of the summer's most popular beach spots, Cancun, has now seen a 10 percent drop in ticket prices for the fall.

Alleys of Gothic Quarter and Barcelona Cathedral, Barcelona, Spain

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Airfare to Europe is also dipping this fall. Explore Barcelona's architectural landmarks and sundrenched beaches for 30 percent less in average ticket price, or book a ticket to London for 20 percent less than it cost over the past three months. And finally, Paris and Rome are both reachable this fall for 15 percent less than the average summer ticket price (we recommend you later use those savings to indulge in gelato and pastries).

Marine Street Beach, Summer sky in San Diego

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It's worth noting that Expedia's data takes into consideration travel between Sept. 5 and Nov. 15, meaning Thanksgiving pricing doesn't factor into these findings. According to the company, searches for fall getaways are up 40 percent compared to the same time frame last year, with U.S. travelers increasingly setting their sights on international destinations.

"Because airfare responds to demand, Expedia experts recommend travelers book fall getaways as early as possible and avoid waiting until the last minute to ensure they get the best shoulder season rates available," Christie Hudson, head of U.S. public relations for Expedia, said in a statement released to Travel + Leisure. She also suggests booking your hotel and flights simultaneously for even more savings. And, of course, being flexible with your travel times always helps.

Barcelona skyline at sunrise, Catalonia, Spain

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"If you can travel early-to-midweek instead of over the weekend, you can typically save on both airfare and hotel nightly rates," Hudson added.

You can read more about Expedia's fall travel deals here.

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