Meet Bravo's Newest 'Below Deck' Captain — an Adrenaline Junkie Ready to Navigate the Fjords of Norway

Capt. Kerry Titheradge is the star of Bravo's newest "Below Deck" franchise, "Below Deck Adventure."

Captain Kerry Titheradge of Bravo's "Below Deck Adventure""

Courtesy of Vincent Cerone/ Bravo

Capt. Kerry Titheradge, who’s at the helm of the newest iteration of Bravo's Below Deck series, may just be the perfect match for the show's latest version, Below Deck Adventure.

“This was made for me,” he told Travel + Leisure in a recent interview, explaining that he's quite the adventure junkie himself with a passion for exhilarating activities like skydiving, motorbiking, and hiking.

 The show, which premiered Nov. 1, has similar characteristics to its previous versions, except this time the background is the dramatic landscape of the Finnish Fjords in Norway — but similar to the Caribbean or Mediterranean, it presents its own challenges.

“On the most beautiful day, I’m most alert because there’s a weather system called the Katabatic wind and it forms when everything is still,” Titheradge said, explaining that cold dense air starts rolling down the mountain and creates almost the equivalent of an avalanche with wind. The winds can be up to 100mph and have the potential to dislodge the anchor.

The captain, an Australian native who has over 20 years of experience, fell into the job unexpectedly after being fired as an electrician and stumbling upon an advertisement for a deckhand on a parasailing boat.

“Well I wouldn’t mind giving that a shot,” he recalled thinking at the time. “I had so much fun on the tryout I wouldn’t leave the boat.” 

Fast forward and the captain finds himself navigating the seas of Norway for the first time — on 164-foot super yacht Mercury — with cameras following him and his crew's every move.

But with or without cameras, Titheradge knows he needs to provide a luxury level service to their guests, and every adventure possible, within reason.

“When you think about it, you pay a lot of money to have this adventure, and you want to do something and [if] ]my first answer is ‘no,’ it just ruins it,” he said, explaining that he'll try and compromise to keep guests safe, but still having fun, amid inclement weather.

“Bring solutions, not problems,” he added of dealing with guests, noting that paying customers on board Mercury are his priority. 

“This isn’t about me,” he said. “But if the guests like to do what I like to do, I can give it to them 150%." 

 So what's the captain looking forward to now that filming has wrapped? He hints that his next adventure will also be captured by Bravo's cameras in an undisclosed location.

 “There will be a surprise as to who comes back,” he teased of the cast.

 Below Deck Adventure joins the family of Below Deck shows including Below Deck Sailing Yacht and airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET, or streaming the next day on Peacock.

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