I Wear These Heated Socks on Every Ski Trip and Never Have to Worry About Cold Toes Anymore

They offer three levels of heating to keep you warm all winter long.

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Autocastle Battery Socks Rechargeable Electric Socks Tout

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If there was one thing you could change about your outdoor experience in the winter, what would it be? For me, I’ve always struggled with cold fingers and toes while I was out on the slopes, and even despite layering up it was always the thing that sent me into the lodge before the day was truly done. So, last Christmas my parents got inventive and snagged me a pair of battery-powered heated socks — and they were a game changer. 

Whether you’re gearing up for a winter vacation or are simply looking for a pair of socks guaranteed to keep your feet toasty while you sightsee, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Socks. Best of all, they’re on sale right now for just $39 at Amazon — so say hello to your new winter staple.

Autocastle Battery Socks Rechargeable Electric Socks


To buy: amazon.com, $39 (originally $43)

These unisex socks are made with a soft cotton material and elastic cuff to keep them firmly in place throughout the day with a mid-calf fit. A padded, reinforced heel makes these socks uniquely comfortable within winter boots, and durable stitching ensures that they’re built to last. 

Built into the top of each sock is a small pouch that fits a battery pack which powers the heating mechanism. Equipped with up to six and a half hours of charge and three different levels of heating, you can now enjoy a full day of winter activities without suffering from discomfort and chill around your toes. The battery plugs into an alloy wire heating element that evenly disperses the warmth throughout your feet, making these socks effective, comfortable, and safe. Not to mention the battery pack is rechargeable so your socks will power cold-weather fun for years to come.

I can attest that these socks keep my feet warm for hours so I can actually focus on tearing up the slopes, and other shoppers agree that these windproof, insulated socks are worth the investment. One customer shared that “after two years, they’re still fantastic,” writing that even the “socks themselves are pretty thick and warm.” Another shopper noted that they went skiing in Banff, Canada in 5 degrees Fahrenheit and even with their socks on the lowest heat level “our feet were warm all day,” calling them a “great investment.”

Autocastle Battery Socks Rechargeable Electric Socks


To buy: amazon.com, $39 (originally $43)

One shopper even went as far as to call them a “game changer,” explaining that they’re “not dreading winter this year” because they can “wear these with sneakers and actually spend time outside.” Another customer agreed, revealing that they have a “mild case of Raynaud’s” and after three months of wear the socks have been “keeping my feet warm and comfortable.”

I can confidently say that I never plan on going skiing without the Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Socks again. Not only are they made of ultra-soft material that make them comfortable and cozy on their own, but the three levels of heating make these socks uniquely equipped for frigid winter temperatures that may otherwise ruin a perfectly good day out on the mountain. Snag a pair while they’re on sale for as low as $39 at Amazon, so you can enjoy the rest of your winter without having your days dictated by the weather.

At the time of publishing, the price started at $39. 

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