Teresa Sullivan headshot
Teresa Sullivan headshot

Teresa Sullivan

With more than 20 years of experience mastering African travel, Teresa Sullivan has racked up some impressive stats. She's planned trips for thousands of clients, experienced hundreds of unique adventures, and spent countless hours traveling to experience it all firsthand – but what really makes her expertise invaluable can't be put into numbers. Her intuition for tailoring each trip to the specific client — whether they want a gritty, off-the-beaten-track adventure or five-course tasting menus in the bush — is what makes her outstanding in her field. On top of that, her vast network of guides, camp managers, and friends enable her to craft six-country trips that feel utterly effortless.

Teresa co-founded Mango Safaris in her 20s when she was single, always on the move, and could hop on a plane within a second's notice. Now at nearly 50 and traveling with her own family, she has experienced firsthand how to create a trip that fits every stage of life. Whether you're looking for a romantic honeymoon, an unforgettable family safari, or a multi-generational itinerary, she can do it all, because she's done it all. She believes in conservation-forward travel that gives back to the destination's community and wildlife. And though she'll never turn down a Champagne sundowner, she doesn't believe that working with a travel expert should only be for the luxury crowd. Families, budget, and mid-range travelers all deserve access to the same high-quality, trusted expertise she and her team at Mango African Safaris can offer.

* 20+ years as co-founder of the luxury safari company Mango African Safaris
* 3,400+ clients sent on handcrafted African journeys
* 10,000+ hours spent traveling and trip planning
* 18 African countries mastered
* 3 new countries in her sights: Gabon, South Sudan, and Central African Republic