Tanya Ward Goodman headshot
Tanya Ward Goodman headshot

Tanya Ward Goodman

Tanya Ward Goodman grew up in a roadside attraction in the mountains of New Mexico, an experience she chronicled in her award-winning memoir, "Leaving Tinkertown." Ever curious, she responds to her own questions, creating an ongoing conversation centered around art, travel, caregiving, and memoir. After completing her first book with two children in elementary school, she co-created an after-school life skills workshop for kids, teens, teachers, and parents.

Parenting provided a rich topic for her contributions to the Orange County Register, while her more recent work in Luxe, Variable West, and Another Chicago Magazine focuses on artist interviews. Her deep love of the natural world is evident in much of her work, including the essay, "What Life Does," which was listed as notable in the 2019 Best American Science and Nature Writing. A fortuitous journey to Antarctica just prior to the pandemic lockdown was the subject of an essay for The Washington Post, where she has become a frequent contributor in both travel and lifestyle.
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