Nancy Lova headshot
Nancy Lova headshot

Nancy Lova

Nancy Lova is a travel photographer who also occasionally writes articles based on unique stories about destinations. She has been a confident solo traveler for more than 10 years and has more than three years of experience as a professional photographer. Nancy contributes to Travel + Leisure, both in print and online, with her work covering everything from London's Black-owned restaurants, galleries, and boutiques to her experience being a Black traveler in India. Her work can also be found in CNN, National Geographic, and British Airways' High Life magazine, where she regularly focuses her work on history, architecture, and culture.

* Contributor at Travel + Leisure, National Geographic, CNN, High Life, and more
* Author of two self-published books, "Fill Your Soul" and "Shall We Go?"
A photographer discovered, on a trip to Rajasthan, that the answer is a resounding yes.