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After the holiday high subsides, January comes along and hits us with a serious reality check — all that merrymaking has come to an abrupt end. And with it, a tough forecast: many more dark, cold, gloomy days of winter until the first signs of spring. One of the best ways to cure the winter blues is to escape to a sun-drenched beach. With the sand between your toes, turquoise water lapping at the shore, and a fruity cocktail in hand, your seasonal affective disorder will melt away as quickly as the ice in your drink under the hot tropical sun. Related: The Best Places to Travel in January Because the holidays (and their crowds) have come and gone, January is actually a great time to score deals on airfare and hotels. You can find steep discounts on travel — especially in the first few weeks after the New Year — making that dreamy beach getaway even more appealing than it would be during peak (read: crowded and expensive) summer. Related: These Creative Winter Travel Ideas Are Fun, Easy, and Socially Distant We've done the legwork and searched the globe for beach destinations with the best chance for ideal weather (sunny, dry, comfortable days) in January. Get your Kindle loaded up with some good beach reads — you'll need them for hours of doing nothing but lazing in the sand — and prepare to slip into a deep state of bliss. From the luxurious atolls of the Maldives to the castaway islands of Nicaragua, here are our top picks for where to trade snow for sun this month.
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Far be it from me to tell you what to do on vacation, but I promise that enjoying a caipirinha while listening to samba on a steamy summer night in Rio, or sipping a refreshing Aperol spritz while sunning yourself on the Amalfi Coast are must-dos in those destinations. Plus, in the age of social media, if you don’t capture a cocktail shot against a scenic backdrop on your travels, did you really even go on vacation? (The answer of course, sarcasm aside, is yes. Please enjoy your trip completely phone-free, if you so choose.) But whether you indulge in the occasional humble brag or not, there's something completely wonderful about sipping a perfectly crafted cocktail at a local watering hole, as you soak in the sights, sounds, and smells of your new surroundings. Drinking also brings people together — bartenders and patrons, tourists and locals. Some of the most memorable and spontaneous moments while traveling begin with a good drink and some friendly banter. Just as countries all over the world are known for their unique food and music, many destinations are also known for their libations. Ever wondered about the origins of their signature cocktails and where to get one? Read on for 10 national drinks you must try and where to find one when you’re there.
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