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Erika Owen

Erika Owen is a writer, editor, audience development expert, and author of a number of books. She loves discovering quirky corners of the world — especially in Iceland, or the larger Scandinavia region — and sharing them with her audience. She's penned more than 350 stories in her 10+ years as a writer, with bylines appearing in Travel + Leisure, Vogue, Architectural Digest, Bon Appetit, and more. Outside of writing and traveling, she's an enthusiastic doodler and will try any art or craft once.

* 10+ years of writing and editing experience
* 3 published books: "The Art of Flaneuring: How to Wander with Intention and Discover a Better Life," "Lawbreaking Ladies: 50 Tales of Daring, Defiant, and Dangerous Women from History," and "Fodor's Essential Iceland"
From local beers to innovative cocktails, there’s a lot waiting for you in the Land of Fire and Ice.
If there's one word that fits Brooklyn, it's cool. That's not saying that it is, in fact, a cool place all of the time, but spend a few minutes watching "Girls" or any movie located in this New York City borough, and you'll see that there's no one style that covers all Brooklyn homes. But even more than cool, Brooklyn is a melting pot for a lot of different things: people, culture, street art, restaurants—oh, and quirky home goods. If you've ever wanted to channel a little bit of Brooklyn style into your own home décor, there are a few guidelines: Don't be afraid of an out-there piece of art, reclaimed wood is always a good thing, and embrace solid furniture colors. And the many makers who live in Brooklyn's neighborhoods are a huge part of its vibrant culture, so try to interject some handmade pieces into your home for a genuine straight-from-Brooklyn vibe. Don't worry about matching patterns or themes throughout your Brooklyn-like home. Choose décor that speaks to you, and it'll all come together. Brooklyn-themed décor is friendly to all budgets—any local will be able to tell you that some of their favorite pieces came from a stoop sale or a kismet grab from the side of the street. Whether you're just looking for a new piece of art for that blank wall space or a full living room redo, there are plenty of things out there just waiting to give your space a dose of Brooklyn style. You don't have to travel to the borough to know what kinds of items you'd find frequenting a Williamsburg loft or a cozy studio in Brooklyn Heights—just turn on the TV. This is the one time you can use Netflix as an actual resource (we suggest "Broad City" or "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"). Ahead, take a dive into our Brooklyn décor picks to get your design plans rolling.
These inspirational travel quotes will make you want to book your next trip as soon as possible.
They both could be yours for the price of $13 million.
A picnic in a bat cave? Don’t mind if we do.
Alaska is one of those places that top many bucket lists — but it’s not the easiest place to get to, despite being part of the United States. The extreme weather makes planning a trip a very precise process, and getting to the most stunning spots of the state takes a lot of planning. But Alex Strohl, adventure photographer extraordinaire and one of the T+L Social Ambassadors, shared some photos from a recent trip to The Last Frontier. Strohl had been to Alaska two times before, but during the wintertime. This time, he brought along his wife Andrea Dabene, a friend, and a filmmaker to take in the Alaskan countryside during the summer. The entire trip lasted around two months, and they took their sweet time getting to their destination. “I think what made the vacation memorable was being able to capture the Alaskan and Canadian highway,” Strohl said. “You can travel it in a week, but we took a longer time. You go from Alberta all the way to Alaska, and on this highway where you'll see one bear, one bison, a thousand elks, a wolf, a fox... just in a day on the highway. It was like an Alaskan safari.” Once they hit true Alaskan territory, there were far less animals to see and much more wilderness. Even in August, the glacier waterfalls flow strong and you can hear the sound of ice cracking from all angles. “We went up to a glacier a couple of times to check it out, “ Strohl said. After days of checking, a helicopter dropped them off on one of the glaciers for a day of exploring. “You're a week away from anything, if you're walking — you'd have to walk through glaciers. We're just sitting on the ice having a little sandwich, and all of sudden underneath us, it's like 'CLUNNNNK' and we feel the whole Earth moving underneath us. It was all ice. That got our minds reeling: what if this collapses? The chopper wasn't going to be back for like six hours.” All while sharing this story, Strohl is chuckling, further proving past his extreme photography that the spirit for adventure is strong with this one. Read on to learn more about Strohl’s Alaskan adventure, and find a few new favorite photos (it’s impossible not to). The following photos are arranged in a way that will virtually take you down a trip the Canadian-Alaskan highway and leave you kayaking narrow canyons in one of Alaska's glacial lagoons.
We know, this is an impossible task.
It all comes down to the color blue.
Don't go chasing waterfalls — unless it's the Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland.
You can find color wherever you go, but there are some places that leave more vivid memories than others. If you’re looking to douse yourself in the vibrancy of the world’s kaleidoscope, we’ve got some suggestions for you. From an unexpected pink lake in the Dominican Republic to Iceland’s icy-blue Crystal Caves to India’s Holi festival, there are places all around the globe waiting to be explored.
An asteroid, a Chevy, and Dwayne Johnson walk into a bar...