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Deborah Calmeyer headshot

Deborah Calmeyer

Living between New York City and Cape Town for the past 20 years has given the Zimbabwe-born Deborah Calmeyer a profound understanding of the needs and desires of discerning U.S. travelers. In 2005, Deborah created Roar Africa, an NYC-based company run primarily by women and supported by native-born guides and a curated network of experts based predominantly in Africa. The company is known for providing exceptional and exclusive insider access (frequently built upon Deborah's lifelong relationships in Africa), coupled with an extraordinary dedication to making every detail perfect to ensure a seamless and uncomplicated experience from the moment clients step off the plane.

Deborah is inquisitive and cultured, with her finger on the pulse. She frequently seeks out (and creates) impeccable experiences in food, culture, and the arts, as well as on safari. Exploring the transformational power of safaris, Deborah developed Roar Africa's Rewilding Experience, a deeper submersion into the human epiphanies had while on safari. Another industry first is her company's annual women's empowerment trip, designed to start "a revolution" in the safari industry. Her motto, "If African women rise, wildlife will thrive," is driving the conversation to ensure that women who have hospitality in their DNA have an equal seat at the safari table, which is traditionally reserved for men. With her eye on helping Africa and Africans at all times, giving back to her homeland is at the heart of her company's brand mission and vision.

* Founded her luxury Africa travel specialist company, primarily run by women, nearly two decades ago
* Organizes an average of 250 trips each year to 13 countries in Southern and Eastern Africa
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