Claudia Fisher

Claudia Fisher is a digital editorial director on the Commerce News & Deals team at Dotdash Meredith, working across brands like People, InStyle, Real Simple, Travel + Leisure, Southern Living, and Shape. Claudia started her career in editorial at a then-startup called Elite Daily, where she was the second full-time editor hired, and went on to lead the Body & Mind section as a senior editor. She was a lifestyle news editor on Time's cross-brand news desk prior to the acquisition by Meredith, and later transitioned to the role of digital deputy editor for Real Simple before joining Meredith's cross-brand ecommerce team as deputy digital director. Claudia's writing has appeared on most of Dotdash Meredith's sites, including The Spruce, Real Simple, Travel + Leisure, People, InStyle, Entertainment Weekly, Health, Shape, Southern Living, Better Homes & Gardens, and Food & Wine, as well as outlets outside the company such as Time and Well+Good.

* Nearly a decade of experience writing, editing, and strategizing for lifestyle publications
* Former deputy editor at Real Simple
* Former lifestyle news editor at Time
* Received a bachelor's degree in English from Vanderbilt University
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When you choose to live somewhere, you’re usually sacrificing at least one thing. In New York City, you pay a lot for a little. Los Angeles? Traffic, frustrating commutes, and lengthy Uber rides. Chicago is beautiful in the summer, but in the winter, it’s the classic example of a so-cold-my-face-hurts city. In fact, there are a lot of places similar to Chicago in that you compromise year-round comfort for seasonal circumstances that can really wear you down. It’s easy to lose motivation to go outside when the temperatures dip below freezing and the trees around you look barren and tired. So, what do you do when you just need to get outside and have your faith in nature’s ways restored? Boulder, Colorado, is a special destination, remaining as picturesque in the cold months as in the warm and fluttering with joie de vivre every month of the year. The quirky mountain town has the best of a lot of worlds. A snowy day promises reward, soon warming up again to 60 degrees to give hikers clear views of snow-capped mountains. Foodies and beer fanatics will find their fill in Boulder’s prominent restaurant and brewery scene, and even a tired traveler after a long day of outdoor activity will be rejuvenated by the energy of the nightlife, buoyed by the presence of the University of Colorado Boulder. If your rut calls for a serious battery recharge, these 19 pictures will have you galavanting Boulder’s mountainous landscape for your next great escape.
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When was the last time you felt Wonder? Capital W wonder, like the kind you felt as a kid, when a stick and a pile of leaves were really a giant paddle and raft, the grass, a river, and a great-escape plot was playing out in your backyard. In adulthood, we don’t allow our daydreams to become indiscernible from reality like this, and instances of Wonder can be few and far between. One perk of being an adult, however, is that we have more access to travel, which makes recapturing some of that exuberant childhood perspective achievable. With some of the biggest and oldest monuments in the world, Prague fosters that make-believe wonder like few other cities. The cobblestone squares and spiking gothic architecture make you feel immersed in a classic fairy tale, when witches cursed princesses to sleep and Sundays were spent buying groceries from pushcarts with a wicker basket in tow. Once considered the capital of historical Bohemia, Prague makes buying into this whole fairy tale narrative easy. The city is home to the largest ancient castle in the world, and there’s a church decorated with over 40,000 actual human bones (fairy tales always have a sinister side). Through a Medieval lens, you can amble across the Charles Bridge over the longest river in the Czech Republic, dotted with local artists’ stands of scenic sketches and musicians with unusual instruments. About a 10-minute walk from the bridge is Old Town Square: Look up and admire the architecture, stopping in front of Old Town Hall to see the hour strike with marching apostles on Prague’s astronomical clock, which has roots dating back to 1410. If you’re lucky, you’ll pass a food cart selling one of Prague’s local delicacies: fried cheese. Typically made with Edam cheese, the dish—sometimes in sandwich form—is common throughout the city and available at unassuming stands and sit-down restaurants alike. While daytime wandering evokes history’s gothic past, nightlife in Prague blasts you back to the present...if not the future. Underlit buildings keep the haunting but magical vibe steady, while people head out to places like Karlovy Lazne, a famous five-story nightclub that boasts being the largest of its kind in Central Europe. From spinning in cobble-stoned streets and taking in all the sights to eating fried cheese off a street cart, you’ll be living out a fantasy when you visit the Czech Republic’s capital. Here are 20 photos to help your daydreams of a Prague adventure take shape.