Anna Kim headshot
Anna Kim headshot

Anna Kim

Anna Kim is a luxury travel and philanthropy content creator and online sponsorship educator. With more than a decade of experience as a 7-figure event fundraiser for charities and high-profile political candidates, she now travels the world to raise awareness for causes and helps social media influencers land impactful brand partnerships that align with their values.

Through her blog, My Travelanthropy, Anna combines her passion for travel with her dedication to philanthropy, especially when it comes to helping brands and organizations share their impact and philanthropic stories. As an online educator, she teaches her out-of-the-box 7-figure fundraising strategies to help influencers secure brand sponsorship partnerships and use their platforms for a purpose or cause.

* 73K+ followers on Instagram @mytravelanthropy
* 7-figure event fundraiser for mayoral campaigns, leadership candidates, and billionaire philanthropists
* Conducted exclusive interviews with National Geographic conservationists, Emmy Award-winning filmmakers, and high-profile founders
* Featured in Travel + Leisure, Fodor's Travel, Narcity Canada, USA Today, and Matador Network
* Received a master's degree in communications and a post-graduate certificate in public relations
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