Angelika Pokovba headshot
Angelika Pokovba headshot

Angelika Pokovba

Angelika Pokovba is a lifestyle writer and editor who focuses on barefoot luxury and sustainable travel. Angelika recently pursued her dream of living in a lush corner of the jungle in Mexico. Her Wi-Fi may be wonky but her quest to find inspiration has been fruitful. She loves to dig deep into the beauty of ancestral cultures and listen to the languages of the earth and nature. And yet, she juxtaposes all of this with coverage of fashion weeks and luxury getaways — proving that there's no real sacrifice but rather, a balance.

* Contributing author of the book "Don't Be a Tourist in New York"
* Speaks six languages (Spanish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, and Italian)
* Quintupled the online readership at Essential Homme within three months of joining the editorial team