You Can Have a Sleepover With Koalas at This Luxury, Eco-Friendly Retreat at the Sydney Zoo

Taronga Zoo Wildlife Retreat
Photo: Courtesy of Taronga Zoo

Would you ever want to sleep in the zoo? It’s actually much comfier than you think.

The Taronga Zoo’s Wildlife Retreat will officially open on Oct. 10, Lonely Planet reported, which means zoo guests in Sydney, Australia, will be able to stay the night close to koalas, platypuses, birds, and many other animals native to Australia.

The retreat is made up of 62 eco-friendly, designer rooms and suites. According to Vogue Australia, the retreat is nestled in an open-air animal sanctuary that is adjacent to the zoo.

Guests who stay at the retreat not only get to stay in a lush, comfortable, and modern hotel with a perfect view of Sydney Harbor, but they also get a fully immersive experience at the zoo, including guided tours after the zoo closes to the public at the end of the day.

According to the Taronga Zoo website, guests will be treated to after-hours tours, daybreak walks, buffet breakfasts, and free entry to the zoo during business hours as well.

Guests can also enjoy meals at the retreat’s onsite restaurant, Me-Gal, which focuses on local, Australian cuisine and has an incredible view of the harbor and Sydney skyline, according to Vogue Australia.

The Taronga Zoo is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to conservation, including breeding programs, physical rehabilitation for injured animals, and preservation. Many experiences at the zoo let guests learn more about important projects to save the environment.

“For a zoo to remain relevant, it must constantly evolve,” Cameron Kerr, CEO of Taronga Zoo, told Vogue Australia. “Through the Wildlife Retreat, we will foster genuine connections between people and Australia’s fascinating wildlife, and inspire them to care as passionately as we do about our most precious residents. Guests will leave not only rejuvenated, but also with the knowledge that their stay has made a meaningful difference to wildlife and its conservation.”

Zoos and wildlife sanctuaries around the world are starting to offer these immersive sleepover experiences. For instance, guests at Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa can enjoy a luxury stay that gets them up close and personal with wild lions. Some zoos are also hosting special sleepovers if they don’t have special accommodation in place.

Reps for the zoo say all proceeds go directly back into conservation projects, so guests can also feel good about staying there.

Of course, staying in a zoo where you can be surrounded by animals will cost quite a bit more than your typical Sydney hotel. Room rates begin at $790 per night, based on double occupancy with two adults.

For more information or to make your booking, visit the Taronga Zoo Wildlife Retreat website.

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